Reasons to Visit Dipolog - Philippines

Dipolog City is one of the topmost tourist attractions in the Philippines today. It is located in the island of Mindanao and in the Zamboanga del Norte province. The tourism of the entire city is booming and continuously rising. The upward pull of tourist and local visitors in Dipolog City is really outstanding and worth noting.

There are several interesting places seated in Dipolog City. Furthermore, you could spend your exciting trip to Dipolog while you consider the Top 5 Reasons to Visit Dipolog - Philippines

The 3,003 Steps to Linabo Peak

As the unique name of the place implies, this natural attraction holds the exceptional beauty that truly stands out. The thousand steps were really loved by the local folks and international tourists. Although the journey is difficult, still it creates the exciting and challenging spirit to lots of climbers who truly enjoys the splendid view. Upon reaching the peak of the beautiful tourist site, the sight offers a charming view of the abundant plains, clear skies, and blue seas within the area. The entire trip to Dipolog City is said to be incomplete without setting your feet to this tourist attraction.

Sungkilaw Falls

Sungkilaw Falls offers an amazing sight that is truly lovable in the eyes of local folks and tourist coming from different countries. Many people wanted to visit and explore this natural attraction. Sunkilaw Falls is located at Brgy. Diwan in Dipolog City. While in the place, people can enjoy the exotic beauty and clear waters from the mountain. The place is truly inviting which is continuously preserved by the people that inhabit the area.

Miputak Beach

Another tourist attraction in Dipolog City is the tropical place of Miputak Beach. The unique beach is the haven of fun activities. The rich nature and beauty of the place is truly endearing and no one could deny why Miputak beach is considered to be one of the hottest destination places in the Mindanao Island.

The beach offers high quality of both the tropical atmosphere and cozy settings. Everyone will sure enjoy swimming, sunbathing, beachcombing, snorkeling, scuba diving and lost of fun activities. Miputak beach is the great spot to outwit outdoor adventures that you long to experience. Accommodations around the place are truly welcoming with its topnotch facilities and up to date amenities.

Japanese Memorial Park

Aside from the natural attractions in Dipolog City, another historical landmark that symbolizes the beauty of the city is the Japanese Memorial Park. The place is truly significant as it provides the continuous reminder of the colorful past and rich history of Dipolog City.

Cogon Eco-Park

The ecotourism package offered by Dipolog City is amazingly awesome. One of the topnotch sights is the Cogon Eco-Park. The place provides a splendid view of different varieties of wild animals and various species of plants. Tourists can either enjoy mountain hiking and climbing along the serene atmosphere of the Eco Park.