Reasons to Visit Davao - Philippines

The sunny Davao is a center of education, business, tourism, and culture. A melting pot cultures, Davao has an eclectic art and music scene and delicious cuisine. The friendly locals complement Davaos rich cultural heritage and natural wonders. Thinking of traveling to the home of the famous durian and Philippine Eagle? Start packing and get the famous Davao tan! Here are the top 5 reasons to visit Davao Philippines:

Sumptuous Food

Gratify your taste buds with Davaos gastronomic delights, one of the top 5 reasons to visit Davao Philippines. Food in Davao, which has been dubbed the Sashimi Capital of the Philippines, is inexpensive and varied. There are delicious treats that can satisfy anything from the tiniest cravings to the biggest appetites. Any of the mouth-watering seafood dishes is a must-try, like the tuna tail and char broiled tuna jaw. Apart from the local delicacies, Davao is home to many specialty restaurants that offer other kinds of Asian and European cuisine. You will never have an empty stomach in this food heaven!

Exciting Nature and City Getaways

Davao prides itself in its well-preserved natural wonders. There are many little paradises for all kinds of travelers, and you will surely find one for yourself. A wide array of nature and city adventures is among the top 5 reasons to visit Davao Philippines.

Mountain climbers and forest trekkers can indulge in eco-friendly journeys to Davaos mountain ranges and serene valleys. An adventure in Mount Apo or Marilogs jungle trails is perfect for thrill seekers. A visit to the Philippine Eagle Center in Malagos or the Bat Cave in Samal Island is the ideal getaway for travelers who wish to know more about wildlife conservation. Davao also has many clean beaches and charming resorts for beach lovers. Davao Gulf is a hotspot for water sports like kayaking, windsurfing, and boating.

For tourists who prefer city escapades, Davao has numerous luxury hotels, fitness gyms, beauty centers, and health and relaxation spas. City lovers will enjoy Davaos dynamic nightlife, with different cafes, restaurants, clubs and bars offering the best in entertainment. Business trips to Davao are accompanied by side trips to the best pools, golf courses, museums and heritage sites.

Rich Culture

Many tourists flock to Davao to watch festivals and traditional celebrations. Kadayawan sa Dabaw, one of the most anticipated celebrations every year, is a thanksgiving celebration of life and all its wonders. Band parades, indigenous dance exhibitions, trade fairs, and street parties reflect the rich culture of Davao and Mindanao. Davaos culture is among the top 5 reasons to visit Davao Philippines and a must-experience for everyone.

Friendly People

One of the top 5 reasons to visit Davao Philippines is the friendly people, who are as warm and nice as the climate in Davao. You will hardly see people fighting or arguing. Enjoy the refreshing experience of being greeted with a smile whenever you enter a store. Delight yourself in friendly conversations with the Davaoeños and get to know the sunny city a little bit more. Make a friend or two and have more reasons to return to Davao.

Shoestring Shopping

Shopping completes the top 5 reasons to visit Davao Philippines. Whether you have a tight budget or an unlimited shopping allowance, you will find very affordable souvenirs for yourself and for your loved ones. The Aldevinco Shopping Center along C. M. Recto Avenue is a favorite of tourists who want unique finds that give them value for their money.