Reasons to Visit Boracay - Philippines

The Philippines has travel destinations that are fairly unknown to tourists from around the world, because these destinations are not hyped up in commercials and travel agencies. It is in the Philippines where you can find a quiet, yet exhilarating travel destination paradise and the best place to go within the Philippines is the pristine paradise island of Boracay. If however you are still a little skeptical, then let us convince you with the top 5 reasons to visit Boracay Philippines, that this island is worth visiting.

Divine Beaches

The dream destination of many Europeans and Americans alike has always something to do with beaches and white sand. Boracay has exactly that; the pristine white sand beaches that you may dream of strolling around in or simply relaxing in with a hammock and a cocktail. The beaches make this island a top choice in the top 5 reasons to visit Boracay Philippines.

Island Culture, Island Shopping and Island Art

The locals in Boracay are hospitable, friendly and always offer a helping hand to visitors. You can find shopping stalls by the beach where you can choose from beach wear, jewelries, toiletries and even tattoos and piercings. Boracay is also famous for its numerous henna tattoo stalls where you can get yourself a two week memorabilia of Boracay on your skin.

Water, Sun and Fun

The Island of Boracay is actually very small and the biggest entertainment factor when it comes to natural resources can be found in the azure blue waters of the Boracay Island. Water activities are in the top 5 reasons to visit Boracay Philippines, because no other island offers such an array of possible water activities in the entire Philippines. You can enjoy yourself in banana boat rides, or tire boat rides as well as windsurfing, parasailing, waterskiing and wake boarding.

Experience Scuba Diving

Boracay is big on scuba diving and thus it is on our top 5 reasons to visit Boracay Philippines. Dive into places like the Bat Cave, Virgin Drop or the Laguna de Boracay and explore the underwater creatures. You will find plenty of rays and if you are lucky, you will be able to spot some manta rays and reef sharks as well as hammerhead sharks. Boracay is also full of green sea turtles and banded sea snakes which will always make a good picture on your underwater camera.

Party Galore

One reason on the top 5 reasons to visit Boracay Philippines is no other than the parties on this island. Boracay is not only famous for its pristine beaches and quiet relaxing spots, but it is the most famous and most popular party destination in the country and possibly in the entire Southeast Asian region. The parties are sponsored by national and international companies and national as well as international artists are invited throughout the year to perform for parties and the list includes popular house and trance groups such as Chicane, Kaskade, Bonnie Baley and so on. The party in Boracay never stops.