Reasons to Visit Baguio - Philippines

Families visit Baguio not just for the cool climate. There are a thousand and one reasons why most families opt for Baguio for a vacation venue. However, here are the top 5 reasons to visit Baguio, Philippines at any time of the year.

The Charm of Baguio City

Traditionally, Baguio City has been the mountain haven of folks who want to get out of it all and enjoy a quiet and relaxing retreat in the mountains. And what better way is there of doing this than to go up Baguio with the family and enjoy an entirely new setting? The magic of the Baguio atmosphere and the memories of past Baguio escapades are said to rekindle relationships and strengthen family and friendly ties. So Baguios charm is really in the top 5 reasons to visit Baguio, Philippines with ones family or love one at any time of the year.

Scenic Spots

Baguios charm is complemented by its unique scenic spots. Aside from the citys many ideal lodges overlooking mountain forests, its scenic spots occupy a place in the top 5 reasons to visit Baguio, Philippines. Among favorite places are Burnham Park, Session Road, Mines View Park, and Lourdes Grotto, to name a few. Most scenic spots here are awesomely backdropped with the massive Cordillera mountain ranges and graceful, towering pines that make people forget crowded city life in the lowlands for a while. In fact, merely passing by the Zigzag roads can already provide exhilarating sceneries.

Native Igorot Culture

Lowland city folks tired of daily modernity trek up Baguio City to have a glimpse of the simple lifestyle and culture of native Igorots and perhaps be refreshed with a lesson or two on the beauty of simplicity. Watching Igorot cloth weaving, mountain huts, wood craftsmanship, and native accessory making somehow provide refreshment and delight to the soul so that native Igorot culture, to many tourists.

Fresh Strawberries and Veggies

Baguio is often associated with fresh hand-picked strawberries and vegetables straight from the Salad Bowl of the Philippines---the Trinidad Valley. Some visitors would go up this city just for these stuff. Most visitors crave for the crunchy vegetable dishes in Baguio restaurant menus. Some go straight to where Baguio edible greens and flowers are organically raised and served fresh in remote but posh vegetarian eateries. And almost all make it a point to drop by Trinidad Valley and personally pick fresh strawberries at a real bargain.

Peanut Brittle and Ube Jam

Baguio native pili or peanuts and ube root crops grown on mountainsides are among the best in the country. When cooked as special delicacies, tourists go crazy for them. Peanut brittle is a thin crispy caramel piece with lots of crunched peanuts or pili nuts. Ube is a delicious tuber grated and cooked with fresh milk, sugar, butter, and vanilla to make a mouth-watering jam.

These top 5 reasons to visit Baguio, Philippines are enough to make a yearly pilgrim to the City of Pines.