Reasons to Visit Bacolod - Philippines

The moment you visit the City of Smiles, you will quickly realize why it has earned this moniker. The tourist attractions in Bacolod are not just limited to particular sites, but actually encompass the whole cultural experience that you will get when you stay at the city.

The Masskara Festival

The Masskara Festival takes places every 19 October, and is a celebration not just of the foundation day of the city, but also life itself. The most conspicuous aspect of this fiesta, and part of what makes it so visually stunning, are the colorful masks that are worn by its participants. Aside from the smiling masks, there is also a lot of music, drums, dancing and merry making all around.

Taste the Chicken Inasal

Definitely one of the biggest and most delicious of the tourist attractions in Bacolod is the local delicacy known as chicken inasal. This is basically smoked or roasted barbecue, but the way it is prepared by the locals give it a zest that can rarely be found anywhere else. There are a lot of imitations, but for the real deal, head over to the City of Smiles and try it out. It is definitely a culinary experience you will enjoy.

Relaxing at the Mambukal Resort

If you are looking for a place to stay while you are enjoying the many tourist attractions in Bacolod, this is one of the best options. The resort has several amenities including posh rooms, great foods and drinks. Even better is the fact that the site is very close to some of the best nature trails and trekking spots in the city, so you will see plenty of waterfalls, lakes, hills, valleys, and springs nearby.

Diving at Polo I and Polo II

Although not usually associated with diving, it is actually one of the tourist attractions in Bacolod that you will want to try out, especially the ones at Polo I and II. These dive sites are knolls and are about 100 ft down. Once you get to the spot, you will see several types of plankton, gorgonians, nudibranches, and also some of the most dazzling types of fish around.

Swim at Sipalay Beach

This is quite near to the city itself, so you need not traverse far to get there. If you are looking for a beach that is clean, pristine and refreshing, this will be a fine destination.

The tourist attractions in Bacolod are well known to travelers all over the world and are regarded as among the worlds finest. Those who are contemplating on traveling to the Philippines and Negros in particular would definitely enjoy the many sights, sounds, and other treats at the place known as the City of Smiles.