Places to Relax and Unwind in Puerto Galera - Philippines

Puerto Galera has been blessed with an assortment of natural and man made attractions. As you visit these landmarks you will no doubt want to look for a place to loosen up and rest. Here are a few you might want to consider.

Coco Beach Island Resort

The Coco Beach Island Resort, overlooking the islands famous beaches, offers accommodations and facilities that aim to provide a soothing experience for tourists.

The rooms come in several types, from standard to suite, so you can select the one fit your budget. Other ways that the resort can help you relax are its restaurants which serve various delicacies. A lounge allows you to sing the night away, and there is also an Internet café and a shop where you can purchase diving paraphernalia.

Coral Cove Resort

The Coral Cove Resort provides several top of the line facilities where you can chill out after trekking and diving.

The rooms in the Coral Cove Resort are equipped with top of the line furniture, bed, lamps and telephone. In addition there are verandas where you can spend the day or afternoon enjoying the view. When you feel like going out again, scuba diving is also offered.

La Laguna Dive and Resort Center

One of the excellent hotels at Big La Laguna Beach, the La Laguna Dive and Resort Center combines world class accommodations with friendly service.

The facilities on tap at the La Laguna Dive and Resort Center are geared towards providing guests with everything they need for complete leisure and comfort. These include a swimming pool, broadband Internet access, playing rooms and an assortment of food and cool beverages.

Buri Resort and Spa

Aside from offering a gorgeous view of its elegantly designed gardens, the Buri Resort and Spa guests will get to enjoy other comforts and perks.

The guests at the Buri Resort and Spa can relax while savoring the view at the balcony in their rooms. For swimming enthusiasts there is a swimming pool you may use, the restaurant is also top notch, the spa and massage services are top of the line, and the transport services are also first rate.

Encenada Beach Resort

Tendering unobstructed views of the beaches in Puerto Galera, the Encenada Beach Resort delivers great service with a personal and amiable touch.

One of the highlights of the Encenada Beach Resort is its restaurant which caters the best of traditional Filipino food along with Western and other international delicacies. There is a room where you can play billiards with your friends and also a mini bar where you can enjoy your favorite drinks.

This list of the top 5 places to relax and unwind in Puerto Galera adds another dimension to your stay in the island. With the various services on offer, you now have more reasons to look forward to your next trip to this beautiful island.