Places to Relax and Unwind in Ormoc - Philippines

Gaisano Ormoc

One of the biggest shopping malls in Ormoc, Gaisano Mall takes the first position in the top 5 places to relax and unwind in Ormoc Philippines. This shopping center offers various retail stores and specialty stalls that people can visit any time they are bored and they want to be refreshed. To get their basic needs, the shopping center has a supermarket and department store. Additionally, there are restaurants and food stalls inside the mall where people can dine after shopping.

Veterans Centennial Park

For those who want to have quality moments with their loved ones and families without allotting big budgets, they can always head to Veterans Centennial Park. Aside from strolling, families and small groups can have picnics in this place. Another attractive feature of this place is it provides a relaxing and refreshing view of the plaza, port, and the bay. Additionally, Veterans Centennial Park is very accessible since it is situated in the heart of this inviting city.

Leyte Golf and Country Club

Hailed as third in the top 5 places to relax and unwind in Ormoc Philippines, Leyte Golf and Country Club features different amenities where people can enjoy and have fun. For those who want to hold special functions, they can make reservations to use its clubhouse, which has the capacity of 100 individuals. For the enjoyment and relaxation of people, the place features a well-maintained swimming pool. Additionally, for those who want to try different sports, Leyte Golf and Country Club has a spacious golf course.

Ormoc Lanes Sports Center

Ormoc Lanes Sports Center is the place to visit when people have interest in enjoying and playing their favorite sports. Some of the amenities that everyone can use in the place are table tennis, bowling alley, and billiard halls. This sports center also allows guests to rent some of the sports equipment. Rental rates of the facilities are very affordable that people can enjoy their stay at the place without spending too much. Above all, Ormoc Lanes Sports Center is easy to locate and is very accessible.

Bantigue Beach Resort

Bantigue Beach Resort is an inviting and relaxing place in Ormoc that many families visit to have fun and quality time with each other. For those who want to stay for several days in this resort, it features comfortable rooms that have basic amenities such as private bathrooms, and cable television units. Hence, for the enjoyment of everyone, the resort has a swimming pool where all of its guests can take a refreshing and relaxing dip. In terms of dining, Bantigue Beach Resort has a simple and small restaurant that offers delicious and satisfying meals.