Places to Relax and Unwind in Makati - Philippines

Makati is a major area known as the financial hub of the Philippines. It has some of the busiest streets and stylish restaurants in the country. It is also a city filled with lights at night. Most restaurants in Makati are well designed to cater to the stylish people working or living there. The following are some restaurants which are popular for giving the best value for the money.

Eating at Kamayan Restaurant

This is a restaurant inside Glorietta 3 mall in Makati city. This is a famous restaurant chain in the Philippines. They are well known for serving Filipino food. This restaurant is well designed making the place very comfortable for the customers. Some of their specialties are Lechon, King Crabs and Kare-kare. Other best sellers are Grilled squid, Pinakbet and Sizzling seafood. Guests can also choose to enjoy their buffet for two hundred ninety pesos. Dining and talking with your loved ones is a good way to unwind and relax and you can do it in this restaurant and discover Filipino cuisine.

Ayala Museum

This is a good museum to visit in Makati. It is one of the favorite attractions in this city. It is a good way to educate anyone about the history of the Philippines. This can be found in the corner of Makati Avenue and Dela Rosa Avenue. This museum was established by the Ayala Company in 1967. Today many Filipino schools include this place as one of their itinerary in their field trips. The museum has many diorama presentations depicting the history of the country. The museum also has a good collection of paintings by the famous painters in the Philippines.

It also houses some old tribal utensils and tools used by Philippine ancestors. The museum also has a café on the first floor with some sumptuous dishes as well.

Guadalupe Ruins

These are ruins along the J.P. Rizal Avenue back in the sixteenth century. This is actually a church called Nuestra Senora de Gracia Church. One of the best ways to unwind is to pray and meditate. You can do this in this church since the ruins is so beautiful that its like you are taken back in another time. This church has the Doric architecture that was popular before.

Shopping in the Makati Malls

Shopping is a favorite thing to do by many people not just by women. Men also like buying things they collect or things that have something to do with technology and sports. There are many malls in Makati. In the Ayala center there are the Glorietta malls. There is also the Landmark and the SM Makati. These malls are near each other so you can just hop from one mall to another to discover different shops. The price of the goods in the Philippines are cheaper if you convert it to dollars so these malls are actually cheaper than the stores in United States or United Kingdom. The Rockwell mall is another mall along J.P. Rizal where you can do more things like wall climbing and bowling. There are many establishments near the Rockwell mall like cafes where you can hang out with your friends and have some snacks.

The Fort

The best place to relax in Makati is in the Fort . This is also the home of the memorial for the Heroes of the war. This used to be the property of the Philippine Army but then it later became a private property with many companies owning different lands in the place. Today it is a top class entertainment filed. Many concerts had been held in the Fort grounds because of the huge space. It also has the Bonifacio High Street where many restaurants, cafés and a mini park are close to each other making it a good place where families can do all things they want at the same time. They can shop, eat and play with their kids.