Places to Relax and Unwind in Laoag - Philippines

Badoc Island Resort

Badoc Island Resort is among the most frequently visited resorts in Laoag. This resort has an ample room space with a very high-class but home like lobby and an open space where visitors can enjoy great snacks. This island resort offers fun water activities such as surfing. Badoc is rested in the upper northwest part of Ilocos Norte. This is the perfect hub for people who wants an island escape. This resort offers a paradise like vacation taking pleasure in giving the best hotel and resort amenities perfect for a paradise get away. This resort offers a serene and peaceful ambiance that makes the place comfortable, the perfect place to relax and unwind at the same time.

Pannzian Beach

Laoag is known to have one of the most precious seaside gem in the Philippines, and in a Barangay called Pagudpod lies the Pannzian Beach, the perfect place to go to escape the busy life of the city. This beach resort offers a classy yet peaceful atmosphere. It has 267 rooms perfect for overnight stays that offers a breathtaking scenic view of the waters of Ilocos. You can also practice your swinging ability in playing golf in the golf course provided by the resort. Old folks would say that this is where the former President Ferdinand Marcos play golf. This resort is perfect for those who want to relax and unwind by playing golf.

Pagudpud Beach

Pagudpod beach is known for its powdery white sand that is found in the southern part of the Philippines. This place offers the best activities as you unwind yourself from your busy life. You can do hiking, snorkeling, boating, water sports and other beach activities. And after a day packed with activities, you can enjoy taking a picnic down the shoreline that is lined with palm trees and do sun bathing as you relax and wait for the sun to set. This beach owns one of the best sunset in this region of the Philippines making is famous not only in the Philippines but in the entire world as well.

The Bangui Wind Farm

Among the most popular attractions of Laoag is Bangui Wind Farm. This is the place that you would definitely go for is you want a quick escape and a moment to relax. This farm is just minutes away from the world renowned Pagudpod beaches. Bagui itself is already beautiful and its history is enough to attract visitors from all over the Philippines. This is a very peaceful and relaxing place that you would surely love. The farm has a total of 15 wind turbines that measures 70 meters, making the place a perfect place to unwind.

Nipa Beach

Nipa Beach is the perfect picturesque of an unspoiled beachfront. Here you will see series of sand dunes that is rolling gently and descending gradually as it nears the sea shore. Nipa Beach Resort offers a stylish tropical atmosphere with nipa huts studded around the place. This beach own a pristine crystal clear water. This a perfect get away for you to relax and enjoy at the same time.