Places to Relax and Unwind in General Santos - Philippines

KCC Mall

Hailed as one of the most visited and inviting shopping mall in General Santos City, KCC Mall plays home to numerous commercial establishments where people can unwind. For those who want to shop for apparel, they can visit the famous clothing stalls inside the shopping center, namely Bench, Blues Brothers, and Penshoppe. When it comes to footwear, KCC Mall features Celine, Caterpillar, and Human. After shopping, individuals can relax in one of the restaurants and food stall within the mall such as Coffee Dream, Dencios, and Chowking.

The Kalsangi Golf Course

For those who have passion for the sports known as golf, they can always go to Kalsangi Golf Course. On the other hand, to accommodate people who do not have interest in golf, but still want to relax in the place, this establishment offers other refreshing amenities like a swimming pool. Meanwhile, for the convenience of all its guests, Kalsangi Golf Course features a restaurant that serves snacks, rice meals, and beverages.

Kalaja Karsts Area

An inviting and surely relaxing site to visit in General Santos Philippines, Kalaja Karsts Area offers attractive and luring views. This place is very enticing to nature lovers since it features different natural wonders like waterfalls, caves, and rivers. Additionally, Kalaja Karsts Area plays home to inviting treks where tourists and locale individuals can do exciting activities like hiking, rock climbing, as well as trekking. Furthermore, people can always take a dip at a natural pool situated within the area.

Rocky Beach

Another interesting place to visit in the city, Rocky Beach takes position in the top 5 placs to relax and unwind in General Santos Philippines. This spot is commonly visited by people who have skills in diving since they can see a lot of beautiful coral reefs and colorful fishes underneath the calm and pristine waters of the beach. Along the shore of the beach, people can also find several native cottages and food stalls where vacationers can be refreshed and relaxed.

La Veranda Café

Last in the list of the top 5 places to relax and unwind in General Santos Philippines, La Veranda Café is a simple but cozy restaurant in the city where people can always have quiet moments alone. Most of the meals available at this place are affordable so guests have nothing to be bothered of when it comes to budget. Additionally, the place has an outdoor dining area where everyone can have a relaxing and refreshing view of nice and beautiful places in the entire city of General Santos. By allotting at least 80 pesos, people can already enjoy a relaxing meal at this place.