Places to Relax and Unwind in Dipolog - Philippines

Dakak Park Beach Resort

Located at the Barangay of Taguilon in the City of Dapitan, Dakak Park Beach Resort is among the frequently visited relaxing places in Dipolog. It is a resort hotel that is home to endless adventure and fun. It has elegant rooms that gives a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere that is perfect for you to soothe your tired mind and body. As you step your foot to the grounds of the resort for a moment of leisure and unwind, you can choose from an array of options. You can do sailing, snorkeling, kayaking and other outdoor activities. This is a perfect get away place you to go if you want to escape the hassle back in the city.

Cogon Eco-Park

Nothing is more relaxing than a place where nature is dramatically felt. Within the Barangay of Cogon lies the Cogon Eco-Park. A very refreshing and natural tourist attraction in the city of Dipolog where people can take a view of different kinds of trees such as Teak, Yemane and Mahogany. It also owns some Acacia, Rattan, Molave and Rattan trees. This Eco-Park in Cogon is very famous among tourists because of its view of natural scenery that's very relaxing. It is also a good place for you to unwind as it offers some outdoor activities such as mountain climbing and camping if you want to stay there over the night.

Sungkilaw Falls

Sunkilaw Falls is found at the Barangay Diwan in the City of Dipolog. It is an amazing site that many foreign and local tourists really adore. Most of them loves to explore the wonders of the falls. This is also a hotspot for people who wants to take a break from their busy work and plunge in to the cold waters and take some time to relax. Visitors can get in touch with the nature as the swim to the refreshing waters coming from the mountain. The local government of Dipolog City is planning to built cottages and rooms near the area to invite more visitors and to provide shelter for those who wants to stay there overnight.

Japanese Memorial Park in Dipolog

The Japanese Memorial Park is located in Barangay Dicayas in Dipolog. It is among the major factors as to why the tourism in the city and the neighboring provinces are flying up high. The significance of this park is very valuable for the people living in the are as it symbolizes the rich historical heritage of the area. A lot of people spend hours in the park as they find the place very relaxing. After a days work, people would go and visit the park to have some relaxing time and at the same time take a view of the memorial battle of the Filipinos against the Japanese invaders.

Jagis Beach Resort and Restaurant

Jagis Beach Resort and Restaurant is among the fast improving tourist attractions in Dipolog. It is visited by a lot of people who are looking for a place where they can relax and unwind at the same time. The resort offers swimming pool amenities perfect for a family bonding and enjoy the comfortable cottages right beside the pool.