Places to Relax and Unwind in Cebu - Philippines

Cebu is known to many people as one of the best places to visit in the Philippines. The city is modern yet the beaches are not far from the main city. The place is also known for their hospitality. The Cebuanos are also helpful and they are always friendly. Most of the people in Cebu can speak English fluently as well. There are places in Cebu where you can enjoy relaxing with your family or friends.

Kawasan Falls

This place is also one of the best places to see in Cebu since many people likes seeing a lovely falls. This is one of the best places to commune with nature and appreciate the natural surroundings. Tourists can swim in the cool and clear waters of the Kawasan. This falls is in the town of Badian. Kawasan Falls is also the first point you go before you head on for a trek on the mountains nearby. The admission in this falls is also very cheap. The rate for the entrance of each person is just ten pesos. The tables can be rented as well. The rental fee is fifty pesos. The guests can also rent a raft made of bamboo so they can go to the area with the swimming pool which costs three hundred pesos.

Orchid Gallery

This is a gallery filled with different orchids. This is a good place where you can relax and unwind from the crowded streets in the city. This is in Moalboal. This is actually a farm where you can enjoy knowing each variety of the Orchids. They also have a pool which guests can swim in and enjoy time with their family. The admission to this farm is just ten pesos and the use of the pool is just thirty pesos.

Magellans Cross

This is a historical gift from Magellan, the famous explorer of Spain. He is the first known person to reach the country. The cross was a symbol of Christianity since the Rajah and the queen of Lapu-lapu were baptized in this place and became Catholics. The cross is indeed hundreds of years old.

Beaches in Bantayan

Bantayan is an island in the northwestern side of Cebu. Cebus best beaches are in Bantayan. It is also a local favorite among newlyweds where they can enjoy a relaxing honeymoon. The whole island is covered in white sand and the water is also clear. You can reach this island by riding on a ferry from San Remigio but from the city you have to take a bus first going to this town.

Osmeña Circle for the Sinulog

This is an annual festival in Cebu. This festival has been likened to the Rio Mardi Gras because people dress up in native costumes with different colors and they dance in a parade. The parade fills the whole street and the whole city comes to a halt on the third Sunday each January. The dancers of the big parade come from different Cebuano towns. This is a yearly festival that honors Cebus patron saint, the infant Jesus. Many local celebrities and singers also perform in a grand stage every night and many events happen in the city. There are many food shops as well during this festival so hunger and thirst is not a problem. This is perhaps the best way to relax despite the large crowd because the happy mood of the festival will certainly rub on you and you might catch yourself dancing and chanting with the people.