Places to Relax and Unwind in Butuan - Philippines

Cubi Cubi Beach

If you are searching for an ideal place to relax and unwind with your family and friends, Cubi Cubi beach resort is the best choice for you if you are somewhere within the premises of Butuan City. This beach is just 30 kilometers away from the city proper and can be reached easily by a motor vehicle. The moment you step your foot on this ground, you will be amazed by the beautiful cottages sprouted around the place. It owns one of the best crystal blue waters of Butuan which is very inviting. The cool and soothing waters of this beach allows you to really relax and have a great time.

Tinago Beach

Just 8 miles away from the city or roughly 15 kilometers lies the Tinago Beach Resort. It is said to be among the best beach resorts both in Butuan City and the province of Agusan. Its popularity among the tourists is very much evident because of the number of resorts that are rested out. Among the best attraction of the beach are the native Filipino huts or commonly called nipa huts. Tourists are fascinated by this natural and creative looking nipa huts that gives them a soothing paradise feeling. By merely walking on the seashore and letting your feet touch the sand and be kissed by the water, you'll truly feel relaxed and fascinated at the same time.

Almont Inland Resort Hotel

The Almont Inland Resort and Hotel is among the most renowned hotels in the City of Butuan. It is known for it's familiar warmth and comfort that resembles the atmosphere that you have back home. The rooms within this hotel are very spacious and quiet which is perfect for relaxation. The elegance of the aesthetic decoration all over the place gives you a warm and comfortable feeling that helps you relax. If you want to unwind, you can enjoy swimming at the pools within the resort hotel.

Jabonga Beach Resort

Among the many beaches in Butuan, Jabonga beach resort is one beach you shouldn't miss. This is a place that provides you everything that you need for your relaxation and leisure time. As of today, this resort is fast becoming a hotspot in Butuan City because it present numerous beaches all over the place. Also, this is a jumping off point to the breathtaking and brilliant dive sites in Butaun. By just standing by the sea shore of the beach and collecting some shells or even building a castle as you let the time pass by, you'll feel composed and relaxed. A moment that you will truly cherish.

Dottie's Place

Dottie's Place is one of the sought after relaxation spots in Butuan City. It takes pride of its relaxing setting having a huge outdoor pool which is perfect for you most especially if you have a tired mind and body. This is a perfect place to go if you want to detach yourself from the busy world of the city and yet you do not want to go away from the city.