Places to Relax and Unwind in Angeles City - Philippines

Here are the top 5 places to relax and unwind in Angeles City - Philippines. We start off with a relaxing massage, then unforgettable dining, until we get to simply just chill out and enjoy the day.

Footsies Thai Foot Salon

This Thai foot spa is in our top 5 places to relax and unwind in Angeles City - Philippines. Nothing beats getting a massage after a day of rigorous activity or business meetings. You can get full body massages or simply just a Thai foot massage. The relaxing ambience and the music are calculated to make one loosen up and take it easy.

Since the price of their services here is a few cuts cheaper than other spas, then Footsies becomes a prime choice if you want to chill out and get a break from a hectic schedule. Finding this foot spa won't be that hard. Just take any tricycle in Angeles City and they can take you there.

Unforgettable Dining Experience in C Italian Dining

This restaurant gets a spot in our top 5 places to relax and unwind in Angeles City - Philippines. What better way to unwind in Angeles City than to sample scrumptious Italian dining at its best. Whether you want to bring a date or just hang out after work then the vibes you'll get out of this place will certainly fit that occasion.

You get the best authentic Italian cuisine, a great wine selection, relaxing ambiance, and a convenient location. Of course, you should expect prices to be a bit higher than average. However, all the food and service you get will be worth it. You'll find C Italian Dining along Field Avenue near Phoenix Hotel and right beside Blue Book.

Take a Dip in Fontana Resort

Fontana Leisure Parks takes a spot in our top 5 places to relax and unwind in Angeles City - Philippines, though the rates here are a bit pricey. The water park features slides, a wave pool, and other water attractions.

Visitors may also engage in a friendly game of golf or take the night away in the casino just to loosen some nerves. The lagoon area is also a great place to have a romantic evening while others may want to try the Jacuzzi or just hang out at the bar by the pool. You'll find Fontana Resort along C.M. Recto Highway.

Appreciating Philippine Culture at Nayong Filipino

. This is a huge outdoor museum where replicas of various sights of the country are on display. Other than scenic attractions, you'll also find ancestral houses and other ancient relics of the country's past. Handicraft and other native artwork are also on sale in case you might want a souvenir for your visit.

Hanging Out in Bayanihan Park

This is simply a great place to sit down and call it a day. The park is open to everybody, which means you'll find lots of locals here playing sports, jogging, or just enjoying a warm cozy afternoon. An interesting FYI about the place is that it was twice made the venue of the Lovapalooza Kissfest in February of 2005 and 2006, which brought a lot of media attention.