Nature Experiences in Zamboanga - Philippines

Whether your interests lie in trekking or diving into the seas and surveying the displays beneath the surface, the top 5 nature experiences in Zamboanga will have something in store for you. It is thus not surprising that the City of Flowers has always been a tourist draw.

Island Hopping

To truly appreciate the abundance of natural treasures around Zamboanga, most prefer to go island hopping. One of the most ideal places to begin is in Vilan Vilan Island.

Vilan Vilan is only 7 km from the city, and is ideally situated for island hopping and viewing. From there you can see the Moro Gulf. Also from the same spot is the Tictabon Channel. While the view on Vilan Vilan is picturesque it is also only a short distance from other islands like Sacol and Mampang, and you can then proceed to Tigburacao Island, Sinunog, Tumalutap and many more.

Go Trekking on Cabugan Island

40 miles from downtown Zamboanga is the awe inspiring Cabugan Island, the largest of the cluster known as the Eleven Islands.

Measuring over 70 hectares, the island has gorgeous vistas of the surrounding seas, but the beauty of the landscape makes it ideal for nature trekking as well. The hills are awash with opulent vegetation, fauna and flora. A tour of the island will not only have you marveling at its beauty but also recognize the need to have it preserved.

Swimming off Vitali Island

Vitali Island is the biggest of all the islands around Zamboanga City, and is called home by three barangays and an assortment of natural wonders too.

As large as the island are the various natural attractions around it, including the coral reefs and fish beneath the waters. Take a dive and you will behold various types of soldier fish, wrasse, nudibranches, sea crabs and more. From the sandy bottom to the rock formations made luminous by the blue waters, the beauty of the scenery is compelling.

Journey to Serenity Falls

Zamboanga has no shortage of rivers, streams and mountain waters, but for sheer fun and exploration, few can rival Serenity Falls.

A great deal of the fun here is that the exact location of Serenity Falls is not easy to establish except to say that it is in the midst of La Paz and Pamucutan. To get to the falls you will negotiate various trails but the stunning scenery will make it a pleasant excursion anyway. Then from seemingly out of nowhere the sound and sight of the crystalline waters will appear before you.

Travel around the Beaches on Tictabon Island

Tictabon Island is the nearest batch of beaches to the city, and also some of the most picturesque.

If you want to go swimming and island hopping, these beaches are a great choice as they are not only gorgeous but you dont have to travel far. White sands, clean waters and sunsets are ever present here.

Despite being a tourist attraction, these natural wonders in Zamboanga have remained in immaculate condition, so when you visit the city these priceless treasures will be there for you to delight in.