Nature Experiences in Tagbilaran - Philippines

Appreciating the beauty of nature is always something visitors look forward to in Bohol, and this top 5 nature experiences in Tagbilaran is aimed to do just that: provide you with a guide to the absolute finest Mother Earth has given the island.

Visit Panglao Island

When it comes to a tour of Tagbilaran and Bohol one must simply visit Panglao Island, as it encompasses all that is beautiful and lovely in the island province.

One of the many splendors that can be found on Panglao Island are its limestone caves. With their crevices and chambers they present some of the most fascinating and challenging treats on the island. Of course there is also an abundance of aquatic and marine life forms which will make divers very happy.

Watch the Dolphins

Any visit to Tagbilaran will usually include watching dolphins and whale sharks, and there are few places in the country that offer as great as an opportunity to see them as in Bohol.

There are a number of locations and islands where you can try to catch these graceful creatures, but the best options are Pamilacan Island and Alona Beach. Remember to watch out for them in the early mornings as that is when they go out often.

Look for the Tarsier

The Tarsier is the smallest monkey in the world (at most 6 inches tall), and you can find them here in Tagbilaran Bohol.

The Tarsier Sanctuary stretches over 15 km, and apart from the famous monkey, it also features a plethora of trees, shrubs, plants and other fascinating animals. If you love birds, you will not be disappointed either, making this one of the most enjoyable nature experiences you can have.

Go to the Man Made Forest

Man has been responsible for the destruction of the environment, but as the Man Made Forest shows, it is possible for the two to co exist and work beautifully.

Over 2 km long, the Man Made Forest began as a jungle of wild shrubs and greens, until the people decided to turn it into a tourist attraction yet made sure to preserve the elements in it. Going through the forest lush greens will surround you, and there is also a soft breeze that will join you on such a trek.

Snorkeling at Cabilao Island

There are several beaches where you can go snorkeling at Tagbilaran, but Cabilao Island is in a league of its own.

Cabilao Island boasts of extraordinary coral reefs, and there is a profusion of soldier fish, manta rays and more. The white sand beaches and palm trees are also exquisite.

Tagbilaran is not just the capital of Bohol but as it has become apparent, also the center of the natural majesty and grandeur that pervades the island province.