Nature Experiences in Tacloban - Philippines

Tacloban is the city in Leyte with the most population. It is one of the places often visited by tourists. Tacloban has many landmarks and places to see where anyone can have a nice time. The places in Tacloban offer many activities for the family.

Trekking along Hill 120

This hill is thirty four kilometers from the city. Today it is called Catmon Hill. This was also the hill where the United States flag was first raised in the Philippines on October 20, 1944. People go to the Hill 120 for a trekking adventure. Tourists on this hill will see and learn the battles that happened in the valleys of Leyte. There is also one part of the hill filled with different kinds of flowers and other plants. The place also has parks where tourists can learn more information and where the children can play.

The Leyte Provincial Capitol

The capitol was built one century ago. This has become the official place where the administration of Tacloban holds office. There are many interesting things you can see like murals that were made years ago. There is even a mural where the landing of Gen. Macarthur is depicted. The city also has its own port which offers tourists a good view of the sunset and the sea. The view in the port is considered as panoramic.

Climbing a Mountain in Tacloban

There are some mountains near Tacloban. You can climb the mountain and discover the lakes near it. There is a popular mountain range called Amandiwing Mountains where you can see a good view of some plains and forests. The trails along the mountains offers tourists a sight for different plants and flowers as well as different insects like bugs, butterflies, millipedes and dragonflies. There are mountain animals you can also see like boars, monkeys, birds and deers. There are some huge ferns and some orchids as well.

It is best to bring along a guide with you who is certified and has trekked the mountain for several times already.

Skim Boarding

There are towns in Leyte where you can skim board. These are the towns known as Dulag and Tanauan. The towns are just thirty minutes up to one hour away from Tacloban city. Tanauan town is also known as the skim boarding center in the Philippines. Tanauan has also been the host of many international competitions for skim boarding. This competition is usually done every Easter Sunday. There are many shops offering gear for skim boarding which you can rent or buy.

Surfing the Calicoan Waters

This is a beach three hours from the city. This has been a popular place where you can surf the waves. The beach has good waves coming from the Pacific Ocean. Many surfing enthusiasts from around the world come here to discover the seas and the waves there. This is one of the latest surfing spots in the Philippines. The town is very laid back and the people are all friendly. You can also walk and see the three hundred year old church in the plaza of the town.