Nature Experiences in Surigao - Philippines

There are an astonishing number of places you can visit that will bring you closer to nature in Surigao. First time visitors to the island province can use this top 5 nature experiences in Surigao as a guide to the best of what the place has to offer you.

Venture into the Sohoton Cave and Lagoon

60 minutes from Surigao City are the Bucas Grande Islands, where the enigmatic Sohoton Cave and Lagoon can be found.

What makes the Sohoton Cave truly remarkable is that most of the time it is concealed beneath the waters, so you should visit it during the low tides. When you get to the site, you will see some amazing rock formations as you go kayaking along the waters.

Island Hopping at the Pig-ot Hideaway

The Pig-ot Hideaway is the favorite destination of those wanting to escape from the stress of city living, hence the appropriate name.

Located in Libjo, the Pig-ot Hideaway consists of a series of small but attractive islets linked by boardwalks. This makes it easy to move from one islet to another, providing an innovative and leisurely alternative to island hopping.

Visit Alingkakajaw Island

There are plenty of islands and islets around Surigao Del Norte, but Alingkakajaw Island with its inherent beauty, will stand out.

Unlike other islets that contain rugged and rocky landscapes, Alingkakajaw Island consists only of exquisite white sand and lush greens. Approaching the site the image that appears is that of a resplendent blend of emerald and white emerging from the immaculate azure waters.

Take a Tour of the Day-asan Floating Village

Christened as the Venice of Surigao, the Day-asan Floating Village is built in a fashion similar to the famed city, in that the living quarters of the people are built around water channels and canals. To get around you ride a banca or boat. It is truly a fascinating experience as you get to see not just the houses but also the lush natural scenery around.

Uncover the Beauty of Sibaldo Island

Sibaldo Island has a host of natural attractions that will captivate divers, swimmers and nature lovers, making it a must visit.

Some of the most striking features are the 20 ft high rocks, shaped like a dagger; there are also a couple of white sand beaches in the area that you can swim in, and also in close proximity to Sibaldo Island is Tamulayag Island where majestic trees crown the surface. On Sibaldo are some of the most intriguing natural formations and sculptures on the island, with the rocks and boulders simulating the appearance of vases and jars.

These are but a few of the many still to be uncovered treasures in this charming island province. With its unspoiled scenic views, the ascent of Surigao to the upper echelons of premiere Philippine tourist destinations seems inevitable.