Nature Experiences in Subic - Philippines

Subic is located on the western side area of Luzon specifically in the province of Zambales. It is found in the sea side area. Subic Bay was once a naval base by the US. Recently, it was converted into a beach town to preserve the beauty and ambiance of the place. The main commerce of Subic Bay is focused on the Freeport as well as logistic companies utilized the airport business.

To take a closer look at the Subic, consider the Top 5 Nature Experiences in Subic - Philippines.

Subic Bay

It is the topmost tourist spot found in Subic. The title Pearl of the Orient made the area famous. Similar to a pearl, the value and beauty of the Subic Bay is concealed unless you have the idea where to venture first.

Local and international divers visit the place. It is one of the favorite aquatic trip destination places because you could explore the wide wrecks with varying depth as well as the scenic vie underwater along the coral reefs.

Zoobic Safari Forest Adventure Park

The wildlife Safari is found at the Freeport Forest Adventure Park of Subic Bay. This attraction has wider land area consisting of 25 hectares. Guests and travelers could definitely anticipate an astounding sight of different endanger animals wandering and playing in their natural environment. The wildlife Safari has several habitats for these animals ranging from terrains, fringing grasslands, and streams.

If you wanted to have a one-on-one interaction with the animals, you could go the Petting Zoo in the Zoobi Park. Its a tropical jungle wherein you could wander around and interact with bear, eagle, monkey, deer, miniature horse, and a lot more.


If you wanted to see cold-blooded animals, the Serpentarium is the best place for you. Forget the fear and enjoy seeing several iguanas, snakes, turtles, and lizards. They have different breeds thus their color and other features are quite different from one another. Make your real view of cold blooded animals truly exciting at the Serpentarium.

Tiger Safari

The Tiger Safari is truly a Subics pride because of its adventurous setup. Take a riding experience while on the safari jeep and prepare yourself to enter the artificial environment for tigers. Travelers could see live tigers wandering around and be thrilled as these tigers looked at you sharply with their vibrating appetite.

Animal Bone Museum

This museum is far from ordinary museums since it only showcased the different bone artifacts of several animals. Be amazed with the minute bones of fishes up to the large size bones of giraffes and elephants.

The tourists attractions located in Subic is not only limited to places mentioned above. There are still more locations worth visiting and everyone will surely insist on coming to the place every year.