Nature Experiences in Sorsogon - Philippines

Sorsogon offers an eco experience like no other. The array of nature experience will leave you awe struck and breathless. Sorsogon beckons to be explored with its green mountain peaks, white sand beaches, amazing flora and fauna yawning caves. And as if those were not enough to satisfy most tourists, Sorsogon goes one step further with its exciting whaleshark interaction. Outlined below are the best nature experience Sorsogon can offer, the Top 5 Nature Experience in Sorsogon-Philippines.

Whaleshark Interaction

The playful and gentle, giants off the shores of Donsol, Pilar, Castilla and Magallanes have never been this enticing and exciting. Any nature enthusiast will find swimming beside the largest fish in the world hard to resist which makes whaleshark interaction the number one out of the Top 5 Nature Experiences in Sorsogon-Philippines.

PNOC Eco-Park

The eco-park which is maintained by the Philippine National Oil Co. Energy Development Corp covers 25,200 hectares of forest, mountains, springs and lakes at the Sorsogon-Albay boundary. PNOC eco-park offers plenty of activities for anyone who would like to marvel at the endemic flora and fauna of Sorsogon. The mountain trails are bounded by lush green shrubs, ferns, trees and wild orchids. Sometimes, trekkers will be greeted by the sight of wild boar, deer and mountain apes, seemingly welcoming the visitors to their tropical domain. There are also sheer rock walls for rock climbing and caves for spelunking. There is never a lack of nature experiences in PNOC Eco-Park which makes it a not to be missed experience in our Top 5 Nature Experiences in Sorsogon-Philippines.

Explore Natural Caves

The yawning entrances to different caves in Sorsogon hints mystery and adventure. Legend has it that the caves were once home to the carnivorous Mampak, a large bird that preys on humans. The Nagsurok Cave was said to be where the bird hid from the people who were hoping to kill it. One has to bend down on all fours to enter the cave, but one inside one is greeted by a winding underground river which runs through the length of the cave. The nearby cave, Pinanaan, meaning shot with arrows, is where the people had shot arrows at the giant fearsome bird. The two caves rich with local folklore is waiting to be explored by fearless tourists and deserves the spot in the Top 5 Nature Experience in Sorsogon-Philippines.

Eco-tour at Mt. Bulusan Natural Park

The natural park is a bountiful ecosystem of primary and secondary forests; home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, most of which are endemic to the region. The paths are covered by lush greenery and colorful vegetation, the perfect setting for communing with nature at its best. The climb up the still active Mt. Bulusan is paved with ferns, wild orchids and mossy ancient trees, testimonies to the blessing Mother Nature has bestowed to the province.

Island Hopping

One of our Top 5 Nature Experiences in Sorsogon-Philippines that shouldnt be missed, especially for water sports enthusiasts. There are islands with white beaches and luminescent sea waters spread off the shores of Sorsogon. Each island is an adventure waiting to be explored. Tourists can go sunbathing, beachcombing, jet skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling and countless other sports activities to invent on and off the islands. The islands are like private havens of sand, sea and surf, enticing all sun worshippers to frolic and relax.