Nature Experiences in Puerto Galera - Philippines

The tourist attractions in Puerto Galera are many and varied, but definitely some of the most exciting are its natural wonders. Here are some of the most pleasurable ways you can get up close and personal with nature on this island paradise.

Go Dolphin Watching

Best done in the early mornings, the sight of these amazing, highly intelligent creatures swimming freely in the waters is truly a spectacle that few experiences can ever rival. The great thing about watching these sea creatures is that they often travel in packs, so chances are good that you will see them swimming and performing jumps and twirls in pairs or more. No wonder it has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Puerto Galera.

Explore the Bondong Jungles

The intrepid adventurer will relish the fact that there are jungles that you can venture into. At the Bondong Jungles, you get to visit and uncover the many wonders and thrills of nature. There you will see some of the most formidable looking trees, exotic birds, streams, rivers, and also beautiful animals like the Tamaraw. You might also get a chance to encounter some of the local tribes living in the jungle.

Try Big Game Fishing

This is one of those activities that is gaining popularity on the island. There are now several operators you can hire to take you fishing. Unlike other tourist attractions in Puerto Galera, you can do this on your own and in a very relaxed manner. You can catch some blue marline, tuna, swordfish and other fishes at the designated areas. To keep the ecosystem flourishing, the fishes are released after they are caught.

Swim at Big La Laguna Beach

A lot of the beaches at the island are full of people who want to go out and party. However, if you would rather spend some time with nature, you can opt to go here at Big La Laguna Beach which is not that far from Sabang anyway. Its sands are still pure, making the place ideal for strolling along the mornings or afternoons. Swimming in its clear waters is of course, pure bliss.

Relax at Boquete Island

This is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Puerto Galera right now, owing to the beautiful Haligi Beach nearby. Not only are the sands exquisite and smooth to the touch, but the lush environment makes it very ideal for swimming. Another plus is that the Odies Wall, one of the premiere dive sites in the Philippines, is in the vicinity.

The many natural wonders in and around Puerto Galera has made the place something of a sanctuary in itself. For those who want to get away from city life and back to nature, this can be heaven on earth.