Nature Experiences in Palawan - Philippines

Palawan is one of the biggest islands in the Philippines and it is famous for its abundant nature and sanctuaries. You will be surprised at what you can find in the hidden flora and fauna of Palawan. If you love nature just like we do, then we welcome you to the list of the top 5 nature experiences in Palawan Philippines.

Coron Reefs

The Coron Reefs are located at the northern tip of Palawan and made into the top 5 nature experiences in Palawan Philippines because it is one of the best dive sites in Palawan. You will find Japanese ship wrecks from the WWII that you can explore, but you will also find plenty of marine life such as occasional sharks, critters, nudibranchs and schools of fish. This region of Palawan is also a perfect training ground for aspiring diver, dive masters and dive instructors.

El Nido

El Nido is a marine reserve just a jump away from the capital city of Palawan and this marine reserve houses everything that has to do with water literally. The reason it is on the top 5 nature experiences in Palawan Philippines is because you cannot only see mangrove parks, rainforests, and coral reefs but also special marine life. You will be able to witness a manta ray floating to and fro in the ocean and if you are lucky you will find the sea mammal called Dugong, or also known as seacow. The seacow is the last herbivorous mammal that belongs to the marine species and they are becoming a pretty rare sight, so enjoy your time with the dugong.

Wildlife Preserve

The Calauit Game Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the only places in the Philippines where you will find exotic African animals and local endangered and endemic species which places this sanctuary on the top 5 nature experiences in Palawan Philippines. The sanctuary is protected by the government through a presidential decree that endorses the conservation of African animals.

Tabon Caves

The Tabon Caves are a formation of caves where archeologists and anthropologists discover remains of the early man. This site is often dubbed as the cradle of the Philippine Civilization and such a historical and natural site deserves the second spot on the top 5 nature experiences in Palawan Philippines. Even crude tools and drawings were discovered in the Tabon Caves and this natural site makes one great archeological dig.

Subterranean River National Park

The Subterranean River National Park is a river that flows through underground tunnels and caves. The river is around 8 kilometers long and can be navigated. There are often boat tours and private boats driving around for sightseeing. The underground river of Palawan is said to be the largest in the world yet and the boat ride ends in the open South China Sea.

The top 5 nature experiences in Palawan Philippines come sometimes unexpected and sometimes thrilling, but definitely take the leap and plan a trip to Palawan to experience the nature there yourself.