Nature Experiences in Manila - Philippines

Manila may be among modern cities in the Philippines, but believe it or not, it still affords quality and unforgettable close encounters with nature. Check this top 5 nature experiences in Manila-Philippines.

Sunset and Sea Breeze at the Bay Walk

Sunsets and the sea breeze at the Manila Bay area have got to be one in the top 5 nature experiences in Manila-Philippines. They are often the first things that tourists enjoy and crave for when in this city. Sunsets at the Manila Bay always afford watchers with a glorious sight of a late afternoon sun bidding farewell to all and calling it a day. And the sea breeze in the early mornings and late afternoons refresh minds and bodies wearied by the hustles and bustles of city life.

Early Morning Calm at Rizal Park

Ask the Chinese in Manila and they'll confirm that dawns at Rizal Park, especially when alone in the hidden recesses of Quirino Grandstand and the Chinese and Japanese Gardens, are the best times to enjoy the calm and cool air that pervade the area. The wide scene of clear blue skies, trees, and green grass lure early morning tai chi enthusiasts, young and old, to do the slow and quiet ritualistic dance amid an environment of arresting serenity. Others quietly stride around or stretch to work out a sweat. Its more than doing an exercise; its actually communing with nature yet unruffled by city noise and pollution.

Manila Ocean Park

This is the latest underwater nature craze in Manila. Enjoy real deep sea sights without getting wet. Ocean Park at Manila Bay (behind the Quirino Grandstand) has live and swimming sharks, sting rays, various schools of fish, underground rock formation, star fish, and the works, all in a huge oceanarium park protected all around and above by a thick wall of extra durable clear glass. So look to the sides and even above and see a lot of live swimming creatures and beasts gliding by. The family and especially the kids will love this place.

Manila Zoo

One of the oldest parks and zoos in the country is Manila Zoo. Aside from the caged animals and beasts, this park has a man-made river where boating adventure is offered. The river bed is realistically of rocks and slanted hardened earth, a bridge, and an isle of trees. Right beside it is a refreshment stand and lots of picnic areas. Among regular zoo family members are the singing bird varieties, an attention-hungry elephant, a notorious and mischievous orangutan, camera-shy tigers and lions in their caves, extra friendly giraffes, and a huge scary python that someone places around the necks of folks who want their pictures taken with it. This traditional zoo is still a favorite one among families in Manila and should be retained among the top 5 nature experiences in Manila-Philippines.

University of Sto. Tomas

University of Sto, Tomas or UST has a school ground lavish with tall old trees, well maintained grass, and lots of small parks. Amid the noise, pollution, and heat the UST grounds can provide a sanctuary where nature can be enjoyed at its fullest. It deserves being in the top 5 nature experiences in Manila-Philippines.