Nature Experiences in Legazpi - Philippines

Legazpi is not just a center for history buffs but it is also the place you can interact with nature again. With this top 5 nature experiences in Legazpi guide, making the most of your time in the city will be easier to do.

See Mayon Volcano

For decades now Legazpi has become synonymous with Mayon Volcano, and without question that is still the case, and quite justifiably so.

In spite of the numerous eruptions, the cone of the volcano has lost none of its beauty. Watching it rising from the plains and merging into the sky is awe inspiring. Seeing the lava flow from its crater, especially during the night, is a sight that will forever be embedded in your memory.

Be on the Lookout for Whalesharks

An hour or so away from Legazpi is Donsol, one of the best locations for spotting the butanding, or whaleshark.

Although you may have seen these creatures in pictures, there is nothing like actually coming across them in the flesh. Apart from seeing these gentle creatures, you can also go scuba diving or snorkeling and get to swim beside them. As with the dolphins the ideal time to spot these gentle giants is in the morning.

Venture into the Pototan Cave

Nature seems to have experimented with Legazpi a great deal giving her a profusion of artfully sculpted caves, not the least of which is the one in Pototan.

The Pototan Cave has an entryway that is almost 20 feet wide and it reaches up to a height of over 30 ft. Deep inside are a profusion of stalagmites, formidable looking rock configurations and several chambers you can explore. The various rock formations make for a fascinating study, while rock climbers will relish the occasion to go around the various passageways.

Swim in Vera Falls

In many cases the journey itself is as rewarding as the end goal, and such is the case with Vera Falls, which is very near Mount Malinao.

On the way, you get to go on a nature trek, going through several trees, vegetation and exotic wildlife. As you reach Vera Falls, you find that the environment is filled with greens, rivers and lakes, a truly majestic sight.

Scuba Diving off Tiwi Beach

On the northern end of Mayon Volcano is Tiwi, where some of the loveliest leaches in Albay are found.

While the beaches are truly remarkable thanks to the fine sands, the view from under the sea is even more impressive. With an abundance of coral reefs and multicolored fish, it is a true divers paradise.

The grandeur and majestic opulence that nature has gifted Legazpi has made it into one of the biggest tourist draws in the Philippines. Doubtless, it shall remain so for generations to come.