Nature Experiences in Laoag - Philippines

The gifts of nature in Laoag have been well maintained and kept by the people, giving visitors the chance to witness natural beauty that few places possess. From waterfalls to sand dunes, the top 5 nature experiences in Laoag present the ultimate adventure.

Stroll along the La Paz Sand Dunes

The closest thing the Philippines has to a desert, the La Paz sand dunes present a unique and interesting site for both local and foreign visitors.

Occupying over 80 sq km, the area is as dry and arid as any other part in the country. This is a place worthy of visitation not only for its beauty but for its being unique. Apart from the spectacular views, one may also enjoy a nice ride here with an ATV.

Watch the Sunset at Saud Beach

Watching the sun fade away is one of the many activities you can enjoy at Saud Beach, which is right next to the famous Pagudpud white sands.

There are a lot of reasons why the site is drawing in visitors, including the lovely waters and the refined sands covering its shores. But it is really the displays in the sky that pull people. You may want to bring a camera so you can capture some of the beautiful sights on film.

Diving off the Fort Ilocandia Shores

There are many attractions in and around Fort Ilocandia, not the least of which are the waters around its shores.

The seas are a resplendent blue green in color, striking to behold in the mornings and afternoons, and gazing at the waves as they toss to and fro is a truly magnificent sight, as enjoyable as diving in the waters where you can see an assortment of underwater attractions.

See Paoay Lake

Also in Fort Ilocandia is the famous Paoay Lake one of the oldest and most well known tourist spots in all of Laoag and Ilocos.

Paoay Lake is about 5 sq km and less than 12 meters deep. However, what it may lack in depth is made up for by its sheer beauty. The entire area in fact, has been named as a national park since 1969, so expect to see an abundance of trees and flowers around it.

Journey to the Anuplig Waterfalls

For those that want to truly get away from it all, you can head off to Anuplig Waterfalls near the small town of Adams.

The Anuplig waterfalls actually consist of a series of cascading waters. They are actually 5 km from the nearest village, so this will definitely delight those nature trekkers and lovers.

Although long recognized as a bastion of economic growth and prosperity, Laoag, thanks to the splendor of its natural environment, is being accorded the recognition it deserves in terms of being a tourist destination. With more natural scenery waiting to be discovered, the city will soon become one of the top tourist spots in the Philippines.