Nature Experiences in Iloilo - Philippines

Iloilo is not like any ordinary province, it is a tourist destination, waiting to be explored by you. Its historical sites, fine beaches, breathtaking highlands await every traveler who will bask in the wonders of nature.

Here are the Top 5 Nature Experiences in Iloilo Philippines:

Racsos Resort

Racsos Woodland Resort, which is one of Guimbals popular resort destinations. It is known as the only zoo-resort in the island of Panay, serving as a home for various animals such as sparrows, doves, eagles, deer, peacocks and wild ducks. The Cave Museum, which is a replica of a real cave, guides a traveler through a dark walk of exhibits of stuffed wild animals like bears and jaguars and realistic prehistoric cave painting replicas.

Lake Bito

Another alluring natural attraction in the province of Iloilo is Lake Bito. The lake is near to Bulabog Mountain in the municipality of Dingle and offers travelers wonderful opportunities to enjoy exciting outdoor activities like trekking and hiking. For a wonderful and relaxing stay at Lake Bito, guests can refresh and dine at some of the limestone cottages beside the lake.

Bulabog Puti-an National Park

Bulabog Puti-an National Park is found in Barangay Moroboro, Dingle, Iloilo and is a great tourist destination that offers relaxing places where travelers can experience exciting outdoor recreational activities such as hiking and trekking. Aside from admiring the beautiful trees surrounding the area, tourists can also see the 13 pristine and enticing caves within the national park. There are 13 known and named caves here lined with limestone edges, and a many of more to explore. You can do caving, hiking and be awed by the huge trees that are growing in the area.

Isla de Gigantes

Gigantes Islands is the site of majestic marble walls or cliffs that the locals call the "pader". These cliffs offer the last and futile resistance to mountain climbers and game hunters who explore the area for the legendary "White" monkey and the foot-long yet fat snake. The legendary "White" monkey and the foot-long yet fat snake are said to be visible only to those gifted with séance. It is also here where the15th century burial caves are still found. One cave has a stone elephant and a natural swimming pool. The island is located at 12 kilometers east of Estancia.

Sicogon Island

Sicogon Island is a 1,104-hectare white sand, palm-fringed island gradually sloping down to some 350 feet beyond the shoreline. It is 5 kilometers from the town proper of Estancia, and is known once a world-class tourist destination. The tadpole-shaped Sicogon Island is set in pure white sand and crystal clear waters. It offers a large area for picnic goers which can be accommodated in the three big open huts, and a pavilion facing Tumaquin Islet. To those who would like to stay overnight and experience the serenity of rural life, there are lodging houses in the area.