Nature Experiences in General Santos - Philippines

Spending your excursion to General Santos is truly a trip to nature. General Santos City is locally known as GenSan. The city is located within the province of South Cotabato and one of the islands of Mindanao.

Presently, General Santos is gaining popularity among the sectors of fishing and agriculture. GenSan is one of the hottest tourist destination places in the island of Mindanao. Although several man made attractions were built, still GenSan people continuously preserve the natural beauty of the place. If your curious enough to explore the natural attraction in GenSan, consider the top 5 nature experiences in General Santos, Philippines. Set your foot to the following natural and scenic spots in GenSan and let your love for nature blooms endlessly.

Nature Trip to Kalaja Karsts Island

If you hear about the frying pot island located in GenSan, it all refers to the Kalaja Karst Island. Nature sightseeing is truly wonderful if one is able to see the karsts formation believed to be hundred years old already. Aside from this, the waterfalls and caves around the Island were assumed to be the continuous karsts formation. Kalaja karsts Island is one of the prestigious myriad tourist spots located in General Santos City.

The island is truly a sprawling natural reserve that definitely highlights the interests of nature lovers and campers. Kalaja Cave is frequently visited by tourists and nature trekkers. The highlight of the entire island is the 10 feet deep and over 60 feet wide body of water. The rugged environment of the island provides everyone the best trail for hiking, trekking, mountain climbing, and other outdoor activities.

Lake Adventures

The sight of Lake Sebu is truly impressive because the area hold a serene atmosphere with the pool of water that is apparently holding everything together. The mystical purity and clearness of the water conceals a lot of stories. Many believed that Lake Sebu is miraculous that serves as source of nourishment, and a body of water that continuous to flow for the local Tboli tribes.

Lake Maughan is the mother source of the 5 large rivers in Tboli. The lake is truly a natural preserve that serves as a sanctuary for some exotic animals and plats.

Mountain trekking

Nature lovers and campers really love to try outdoor activities especially along mountains and hills. In General Santos City, Mount Matutum is one of the hotspot for tourists and travelers. Aside from great pool of tourists, Mount Matutum is regarded as one of the highest mountains in Mindanao. Energized your body and be thrilled with the 7,600 feet height of the mountain. The complex landscape of the mountain surely presents a challenge to anyone. Mountain trekking is equally rewarding because at the peak, vast mountain ranges and the spectacular sight of the skies awaits you.

Dive through the Kamanga Reef

The sight of underwater Kamanga Reef is truly mesmerizing and breathtaking. If one cannot see the beauty of the land, the wonders of the sea are the best place to appreciate natures bounty.

Sightseeing for coral reefs is absolutely awesome. Getting a trip to the Kamanga Reef is truly a wonderful nature experience.

Trip to Nopol Hills

General Santos City could be the best place to enlist nature experiences and you could spend one at the Nopol Hills. The place is one of the most outgoing and highest grounds in GenSan. Some of the outstanding activities to spend in Nopol Hills are mountain hiking and watching the sunset.