Nature Experiences in Dumaguete - Philippines

Dumaguete is a little haven for all the nature lover for one good reason; it is surrounded by nature. Since the city itself is still small and growing, nature is present in many things the local people do and thus you need to know the top 5 nature experiences in Dumaguete Philippines.

The Concoction of Sea and Marine Life

One of the choice in the top 5 nature experiences in Dumaguete - Philippines leads you to Bais City which is located just outside Dumaguete. Your dream nature destination is the White Sand Bar. This place is a sand bar where you can relax in pavilions and at the same time you get the nature experience of whale and dolphin watching. This place has both relaxing and exciting elements and it takes a day trip for you to experience this place of nature.

Underwater Adventures

Another choice of the top 5 nature experiences in Dumaguete Philippines leads you to the best scuba diving spots in Dumaguete. Travel to Apo Island which is part of the municipality of Dauin and enjoy three dives that will show you the rich marine life of Dumaguete City and its surrounding areas. Dumaguete is also home to the Silliman University Marine Lab, where you can take a tour of their underwater museum and where you will find a gigantic whale skeleton.

The Steps and the Falls

One of the top 5 nature experiences in Dumaguete Philippines is the Casaroro Waterfall. This waterfall can be found twenty minutes uphill from downtown Dumaguete and you might want to strap your trekking shoes on, because there will be a little trekking and climbing involved in reaching the Casaroro Waterfalls. First you have to descent 200 steps into the valley where you can swim in ice cold water right underneath the waterfall, but then you have to go up the 200 steps again, so bring enough water.

Lakes can be Twins

The Twin Lakes are located just outside the city limit of Dumaguete and you can arrange for vans that will take you back and forth from downtown Dumaguete.Theoretically, each deserves its own rank. The Twin Lakes are two separate lakes that were formed in a grand canyon. You can rent out kayaks or boats and just enjoy the lakes. There is also a restaurant so that you wont grow hungry during your day trip.

Stairway to Heaven

Another choice for the top 5 nature experiences in Dumaguete Philippines is the so-called Stairway to Heaven and it is exactly what you think it is; it is a huge and long stairway that just leads up the mountain. Once you have reached the top of the 500 steps and exhausted yourself, you will be rewarded with the most breathtaking view not only over Dumaguete City but the whole Negros Island. You can reach the Stairway to Heaven with a cab that goes to Barangay Candau-ay.

There you have the top 5 nature experiences in Dumaguete Philippines that you should definitely not miss whenever you are visiting Negros Oriental and Dumaguete City. None of these places are very costly to visit and you can easily get there with buses, Jeepneys or cabs.