Nature Experiences in Butuan - Philippines

Butuan is replete with natural attractions that will captivate you. Before you head over to the city, this guide to the top 5 nature experiences in Butuan may come in handy.

Take a Boat Ride on the Agusan River

No other body of water is more renowned in the province as the Agusan River, and a tour along this river can give you insights as to why.

Going across the river by boat the sight of verdant trees, plants and grass will appear, along with the various wildlife and fish. The fish and river provide sustenance and livelihood to the people, a fact that becomes clear when you see the cluster of people living in the vicinity.

Watch the Birds at the Agusan Marsh

Not far from the Agusan River is the Agusan Marsh, which is the best location in Butuan to go bird spotting.

Arriving at the wetlands one will be taken in by the atmosphere as the sound of distant waters running provide a soothing companion. Then you hear and see a vast array of colorful birds of all shapes and sizes around you. As the environment has remained untouched, you have the chance to see these flying marvels in their natural habitat and behavior, a rarity these days.

Go Diving at Tinago Beach

Swimming in Tinago Beach is always an adventure, and will be an exciting experience for newcomers to Butuan City.

The weather is almost always agreeable in Tinago Beach, and swimming in its waters can prove to be a vastly refreshing experience. After bathing you can relax on the sands and watch the sun go down.

Swim along the Tubay Coastline

There are several notable dive sites and centers in Butuan, but if you want to enjoy nature in a quieter way, this is the place.

The Tubay coastline is not as popular as the other centers, so this is the best place to go diving and marvel at the wonders of nature in a more secluded manner. The view from underwater is simply gorgeous as the coral reefs and marine life will enthrall you.

See Mount Mayapay

Mountain climbers need not look far for thrills and adventures as Mount Mayapay presents a formidable and exciting prospect.

The climb up the 2,000 ft mountain is enough to get the adrenaline flowing, but the entire area is actually a perfect place for new nature trekkers as the surrounding plains offers a vista filled with animals and vegetation.

Butuan may still be best known as a city of great historical heritage, but as time passes by expect the city to get wider recognition for the inherent natural beauty that it possesses. Based on the number of people coming to visit the city, that moment will not be too far off.