Nature Experiences in Boracay - Philippines

Boracay is one of the tropical islands in the Philippines that is famously known for the paradise beaches and party locations. Both old and young are ever so present in this popular island and it is also a destination for all the nature lovers that cannot wait to relax in the cool greens and blues of the paradise. The top 5 nature experiences in Boracay Philippines will help you in finding the best nature spots.

Crystal-like Sand and Azure Waves

The beach is the oh-so famous white sand beach that is often compared to the pristine white sand beaches in the Caribbean Islands. You can just lie down and relax in one of many beaches on either side of the island or make use of the refreshing wind that drops by on one of the sides. Discover special goodies such as Puka shells that lie around in the Puka Beach.

Under the Sea

Boracay does not only serve as a paradise on land but also as a paradise on the sea or to be more specific under the sea in the spot of the top 5 nature experiences in Boracay - Philippines. There are plenty of world class dive spots underneath the beaches. The best dive sites are Yapak 1 and Yapak 2 where you can find reef sharks and manta rays. Do not forget to bring your dive certification cards and medical statements. You can also opt to take a diver course in whatever you always wanted to try such as tech diving or deep diving.

On the Water

The top 5 nature experiences in Boracay Philippines do not only include experiences underneath the surface of the water but exactly on top of the waters surface. Enjoy the azure blue ocean while kite boarding, windsurfing, banana boat riding or skim boarding. Many tournaments are held annually for surfers and kite boarders both national and international.

The Bat Caves

The Bat Caves are natural formed caves that is home to various species of bats. The top 5 nature experiences in Boracay Philippines includes this spot because it is not only a natural beauty but it can be experienced above sea level and underneath the sea level. The Bat Caves can be accessed after a hike up the mountain in the north of the island, and then you slowly have to climb into the cracks and crevices that lead into the caves. Once inside, you will find the bats suspended from the ceiling, but if they are awake they are more likely to fly around and maybe hang on to your clothes.

With a Horse Through the Scenery

The best experience of the top 5 nature experiences in Boracay - Philippines that involves a third party which is in this case the horse is the horseback ride through the native part of the island. Seek out Boracay Horse Riding Stables and take a ride through the hidden paths of the island and see old native villages and not to forget the hidden beauty of nature of the island.