Nature Experiences in Bohol - Philippines

Bohol, the tenth largest island in the Philippines, has become a tourism phenomenon. Its unique chocolate hills, adorable tarsiers, numerous caves, white beaches, and rich marine life provide a remarkable experience with those who enjoy communing with nature. Here are the Top 5 nature experiences you are sure to enjoy in Bohol.

Chocolate Hills

Bohols over 1,200 cone-shaped chocolate hills are probably the islands biggest crowd-drawe. The chocolate hills stand mostly between 30 and 50 meters high. From a distance, they jog your memory of a childs crude drawing of a cluster of hills. Some people find it hard to believe that these uniformly shaped chocolate hills are natures works and not man-made endeavor. Contrary to popular belief, the chocolate hills are not really chocolate brown all-year round. They are covered with green grass which only turns brown during summer.

Adorable Tarsiers

They will convince you that the island is indeed home to exotic fauna. These adorable creatures are one of the worlds smallest primates. The tarsiers of Bohol are allowed to live in their natural surroundings. This is because they are very peculiar animal and being in captivity may lead them to hurt or even kill themselves. Tarsiers live on a diet of insects and hunt at night when they are most especially active. The Philippine tarsiers have a gray fur and an almost naked tail. Their middle finger is elongated. In comparison with their body size, their eyes are enormous. Watching tarsiers up close is definitely one of the best nature experiences in Bohol.

Numerous Caves for Exploration

Bohol is not called Cave Country for nothing. There are over 1,400 caves found in the region, putting cave exploration on the list of nature experiences in Bohol. Most of the caves are reached by walking through dense vegetation. These caves serve as home to thousands of bats and birds. Impressive stalactites and stalagmites can also be found inside. If you are lucky, you can also find curiously strange invertebrates that have already evolved in time and have adapted to a life in darkness within the caverns. The caves are not only enjoyed by spelunkers, but also by nature lovers looking for a bit more challenge.

White Beaches

For frequent visitors, Bohols best attraction is its beautiful shoreline. These beaches are lined with pleasant resorts offering efficient service and satisfying places to eat out, other than your resort's restaurant. Tourists also find the hibiscus-strewn shore an agreeable place to hold pick-nicks. Furthermore, you can grab the opportunity of collecting beautiful shells. Be sure to bring your snorkeling equipment so you can fully enjoy the experience. There are few white beaches in the world that can rival Bohols.

Rich Marine Life

Last but not the least, the rich marine life found in Bohol is one of the top nature experiences. The tropical crystal blue waters of Bohol is not only stunning. It also plays an important role in maintaining biodiversity, serving as home to a variety of exotic fishes and beautiful coral gardens. There are gorgonians, sea cucumbers, crinoids and soft corals that add to the richness of Bohols diving sites. A myriad of small but impressive marine life that can not be found elsewhere, exists here. Other hard-to-find creatures such as sharks, tropical eels, sea snakes, and predaceous marine fishes are common in Bohol. Because of its rich marine life, you are sure to find its blue waters alive with exquisite colors that breathe life.