Nature Experiences in Baguio - Philippines

Most vacationers in Baguio really relish being much closer to nature. Aside from the scenic spots to enjoy, here are top 5 nature experiences in Baguio-Philippines visitors can enjoy.

The Sight and Feel of Drifting Low Mists

This is the most exciting experience to have in Pines City, so its on the top 5 nature experiences in Baguio-Philippines. While the family is enjoying a Baguio tour, low thick mists have the habit of often drifting slowly by to blur the vision in a delightful way, bring in some added chill, and at times a gentle drizzle. Sometimes the thick white mists settle in an area caught in a cluster of tall pines or stuck in low hills. Even crowded Session Road and Burnham Park are visited by these blissful clouds. At times visibility is zero due to the thick white fog and this seem to be accompanied by romance in the air.

The Cool Mountain Air

Its everywhere in Baguio City. At times, especially in the colder months from November to February, the cool mountain air is strongly felt even at noon. Night time and early mornings are apt times to especially have a feel this wonderful nature experience. Aside from being healthy, Baguios fresh mountain air mixes with the sweet scent of pine needles and wild flowers.

The Zigzag Road Panorama

Going up to or down from Baguio is also a great delight with a spectacular view of awesome mountain ranges and deep ravines along the zigzag roads. Gradually ascending the mountain roads to reach the cloud-covered top is exhilarating. There are points on the zigzag roads where portions of Pangasinan, La Union, and the China Sea are visible, and which are simply breath-taking and unforgettable.

Strawberry Fields

Going down La Trinidad from the city proper of Baguio takes vacationers to the famous Trinidad Valley where the wide vegetable and strawberry fields are. From atop surrounding hills the valley is a display of great farm patterns with varying degrees of green. Seeing this is an elating experience, but nothing beats the feel of personally picking fresh strawberry fruits and green vegetables with ones own hands right from where theyre connected to the soil. Most people love this and thus makes a spot among top 5 nature experiences in Baguio-Philippines.

Eating Raw Food

Ilocanos and Igorots in Baguio are popular for their mostly raw recipes consisting of crunchy veggies and half-cooked fresh meats. Sometimes, meats are not even cooked, like beef from a freshly slaughtered calf. They just soak this in Ilocano vinegar and eat it. Some tourists try to sample these exotic cuisines, but what really delights most of them is eating raw and crunchy veggies, especially 10 varieties of colorful lettuce. The raw veggie meals are so colorful they look like bouquets or garlands of flowers. Lots of tourists get a kick out of eating this stuff, aside from the vital nutrition.