Nature Experiences in Bacolod - Philippines

Bacolod is a nice place to visit in the Philippines. Bacolod is also known for its natural splendor because of the surroundings. It is also close to the best beaches that are situated in Negros. Other beaches and sceneries that are far from Bacolod before can now be easily reached by any vehicle like a van. There are many natural sites you can see and enjoy with your family in Bacolod.

Swimming in the fine beaches in Bacolod

a.Sipalay Beach This is a beach in Bacolod that anyone can easily reach from Sipalay. There are a number of resorts here that are becoming popular as a destination where tourists should visit. The waters in Sipalay are clear and blue and teeming with sea creatures and nice corals. This beach is an underwater photographers haven. People who are also searching for world class hotels can also see some in this beach and they will surely enjoy the parties that happen in this beach almost every night.

b.Sipaway Island This Island is also called Refugio. Many residents in Bacolod love this island. There are many things you can do in this island including water sports and games. There is also so much mystery in this island including a famous Balete tree which has been known to be the place where other creatures live. The tree is also the subject in most of the folklore in this island. Many people come here with their friends and family to snorkel, scuba dive and enjoy a picnic.

c.Isla Puti This is fifty miles away from the city. This means white island. The island is covered in white fine sand. This is the best place for those who want to swim in clear waters and be close to nature.

Staying and Visiting a World

a.La Vista Del Mar This is a world class resort in Bacolod.This establishment in Bayawan city. This resort gives guests a good view of the sea. This place is also famous because of the nice beach nearby. Guests at this place enjoy the view and the fresh breeze of the ocean in their room.

Historical Markers

There are historical markers in Bacolod. One is found in Magalona and the other is in Bago. Bago is twenty two kilometers from the city and Magalona is fifteen kilometers from the city. The markers are symbols of the heroes in Bacolod when their ancestors fought the Spanish rulers. There are markers that also remember the battle of the people during the American regime.

The Patag Valley Trekking

This is forty five kilometers from the city. This valley is one of the best sites to visit for people who like trekking. The valley is also in between two famous mountains namely, Mountain Silay and Mountain Marapara. Hikers will certainly enjoy the cool wind and the natural sites and sounds you will experience along your journey. Trekking in this valley will also give the chance for the travelers to see animals native to Bacolod or Negros.

Mambukal Resort

This resort is another popular resort for those who like having a good view of the natural surroundings. This is thirty one kilometers from the city of Bacolod. This resort offers guests the chance for hiking along the path that leads to Mountain Kanlaon. The path is also filled with valleys and streams that will surely make you feel away from the urban life.