Local Treats in Tacloban - Philippines

The former name of Tacloban was Tarakluban which means to cover up something. After several years, the name evolved to its present moniker as Tacloban. The city is filled with beautiful scenic spots that leaves imprint to everyones heart.

Tacloban City is the southeast capital of the Philippines. The pride and honor was given to the place which makes development favor citys side.

If youre looking for a local place in the Philippines, consider the top 5 local treats in Tacloban, Philippines.

Shrine Museum Visit

If there is something that Tacloban has to show to local and foreign tourists, it would be the Santo Nino Shrine and Heritage Museum. The spot remains to be one of the beautiful places to visit in Tacloban. Unlike usual museums, Santo Nino Shrine still upholds the edifices originally built during the Marcos regime. Aside from religious artifacts, the museum still preserves the relics and remains of several icons that will describe the life and ways of Tacloban people during the ancient times.

If you wanted to tour in Tacloban, the Santo Shrine and heritage Museum is the place to start with.

Join the Festive Mood

Every place celebrates a certain festivity each year. This is to pay tribute to their patron and to playback the rich tradition of the natives. Filipinos are undoubtedly religious thus every year the festivity is well-prepared and extravagant. Pintados Festival is the pride of the entire Tacloban. Pintados literally means the painted ones. The festival was derived from the old tradition of the place. According to the natives, the warriors get tattooed after they return undefeated from a war. The paint on their body signifies that they heroically surrender their lives for the sake of Tacloban City.

Treat the whole group and enjoy the heartwarming festive mood in the place. Street parties, bands and competitions are everywhere which you will surely enjoy.

Taste Super Foods

The sure thing why Philippines is worth visiting is tasting the super foods of every region. Likewise, Tacloban City is filled with bars and restaurants that will surely satisfy even the hungriest man in the place. Not just ordinary foods but truly enticing local delicacies and world- class cuisines are offered in Tacloban. The entire city caters all the tummy needs of the people whether youre a vegetarian, sea-food lover or meat-lover. Every dish is worth its price and the tastes truly linger in the mouth.

Hill Climbing

Fell in love with Tacloban with Hill 120 as one of its scenic spots. Although people are faced with uneasy roads, the scenic view at the top is very impressive. The trekking is absolutely fun and pleasurable.

Island Hopping Experience

Experience the fun and excitement while you jump from one island to the other. You will surely forget the word boring when you started to have the trip. On the other hand, your mind would say I want more. Expectedly, people who experience island hopping will come to Tacloban all over again.