Local Treats in Surigao - Philippines

Poot-Poot Ginamos

Many tourists even Filipinos do not know what is poot poot ginamos. For the understanding of everyone who is planning to visit Surigao, poot poot ginamos is a tasty and delectable local treat at this place. This treat is a delicious fermented fish sauce that includes small fishes known as poot poot, which are only found in Philippine seas, as its main ingredient. The fish sauce is not expensive, which is another reason why many tourists are interested in buying this local treat. A jar of poot poot ginamos only cost less than 100 pesos.


For people who like native delicacies that use glutinous rice as one of their main ingredients, then there is a local treat in Surigao that they will surely love. Named as sayongsong, this rice-based treat is very enticing and luring to tourists who visit Surigao. To make sayongsong, people should have the following ingredients; glutinous rice, ordinary rice, lemon juice, brown sugar, roasted peanut, as well as coconut milk. It is necessary to soak ordinary rice and glutinous rice for at least 15 minutes. Grind the roasted peanuts and mix the boiled coconut milk with the brown sugar. Filter the mixture, combine all the ingredients, and cook it until the mixture appears to be firm. Let the mixture cool down for several minutes. Wrap the delicacy in banana leaves and steam for as much as 20 minutes.


Many travelers and tourists visit Surigao for its famous kinilaw. Basically, kinilaw is a native cuisine in the province that includes raw fish as its main ingredient. This dish is easy to prepare since there will be no cooking needed for this delicacy. After deboning and washing raw fishes, combine these with several condiments, namely vinegar, chili peppers, salt, ginger, onions, and serve the dish right away. In some areas in the province, people use hinatuan, a wild kind of onion, to add spice to the dish.

Gigaquit Rhum

Considered as fourth in the top 5 local treats in Surigao Philippines, Gigaquit Rhum is a rare but tasty beverage in the province. This is similar with tuba but this beverage is preserved or fermented at a tree known in Surigao as Sasa. Since this local treat has affordable price, many entrepreneurs export Gigaquit Rhum.


Tourists may consider tamilok as an exotic food but it is delectable. Tamilok is a type of mollusk that grows in barks of several plant species that grow in mangrove forests that can be seen in Surigao. Most locale people eat uncooked tamilok. After washing the mollusk, they only soak it in vinegar for several minutes and they eat it instantly. Even if there is no scientific basis, it is a common belief in the province that eating raw tamilok boosts the sexual desires of males.