Local Treats in Subic - Philippines

Subic Bay Ocean Adventure

A trip to Subic will never be complete without visiting the famous Subic Bay Ocean Adventure. It is a marine themed park that takes you to an underwater journey. It offers both entertainment and educational activities for the whole family to enjoy. This marine themed park also gives the adults and children the opportunity to learn the aquatic life. The sea pens is home to various sea life creatures such as seals, killer whales, dolphins, rays, fishes and other underwater life forms. This park also provides dolphin shows in which dolphins do some exhibitions that you will truly enjoy.

Bat Kingdom

The Bat Kingdom is considered the most well known forest reserve in the province. This is home to hundreds and thousands of fruit bats, bamboo bats, flying foxes and other exotic bat species and other animals in the world. The fruit bats are known to be the largest bat specie in the planet. Most people would prefer watching the bats from the bat sanctuary where it is safer and more relaxing, however, there are some who would prefer for a more adventure and watch these bats take their flight in the Bat Highway. This is a perfect place for people who are interested in discover exotic wild life.

Zoobic Safari

The Zoobic Safari in Subic covers 15 land hectares. This is a wild life sanctuary and preserve that is divided into different sections, the Petting Zoo, the Serpentarium, and the Tiger Safari. The Petting Zoo is a forest in which you can get close to some animals like horses, goats, deer, bearcat and other harmless animals and you can feed them. The Sepentarium is home to various snake species and a pond that contains crocodiles. Lastly, the Tiger Safari which is the main highlight of Zoobic houses tigers that came from the wild. As you take a journey in the Zoobic Safari, you will be accompanied by a tour guide and would explain all the necessary details that you need to learn about these animals.

Bicentennial Park

The Bicentennial Park is the perfect place for those who want to spend quality time with their friends, families and loved ones or even have some private time alone. Located in the heart of Subic, Bicentennial Park is studded with people taking walks with their friends and families, have some picnic and even do fishing. This park has a fishing ground where people can try fishing.


If you think you're up for a journey to the military, the JEST Camp is the best choice for you. JEST or Jungle Environmental Survival Training provides some survival programs that allows you to experience the military life for a short span of time. They provide good workout exercises and will teach you how to navigate your way out of the jungle. Additionally, JEST has a mini zoo in which you can enjoy exploring. Their main attraction is the butterfly garden which is home to the most exotic butterfly species found in the Philippines.