Local Treats in Sorsogon - Philippines

Bulusan Eco-Trek

If are to visit Sorsogon, make sure that you first stop is the Bulusan Natural Park or commonly known as the Bulusan Eco-Trek. Here you can witness the breathtaking view of the Mountain Lake Resort of Bulusan. This Eco Trek provides different eco-tour activities such as trekking to its virgin forests. In here you can also find a very clear and beautiful lake right at the center of the slope. The main activities that you can do in this trek is taking a walk through the pristine forest, taking a good swim at the mountain spring, mountain biking and plunging in to the mineral spas in the forest. This is a perfect hub for all nature lovers out there.

Island Hopping in Sorsogon

A journey to Sorsogon must always include hopping through the islands of the province. Island hopping mostly covers every town that completes Sorsogon. Through this, you can enjoy visiting the different coastal havens found the province. You can also do some water sport activities like surfing, sport fishing, swimming, sunbathing, scuba diving, snorkeling and beach combing. Sorsogon is known to have world class seafood that you can truly enjoy.

Donsol Whale Shark Interaction

One of the pride of Sorsogon is the Donsol Whale Shark Interaction or practically interacting with a butanding, the local name for whale shark. Every year, these whale sharks gather at the mouth of the river of Donsol some time in October and they stay there until May. Despite their name and their really huge size, these mammals are completely gentle and harmless. A lot of visitors have fun in interacting with them as these mammals are very friendly just like dolphins. This is one of the main attraction of the province especially during summer.

Astillero of Donsol

Astillero is a Spanish name which means shipyard. Across the Donsol wharf in the Barangay of Dancalan, you will see the biggest shipyard practically in this region of Luzon. People believed that this shipyard was built way before the time of the Spaniards and it is the biggest one in the Philippines during the Spanish period. This shipyard was also thought to be a site for metal production during that period. A lot of archaeologists have recovered artifacts from the shipyard that proves the story of the site being a metal factory back in history.

Irosins Hilltop Church

Among the best picturesque in Sorsogon is this old Catholic Church in the hilltop of Irosin. This hill stands at the center of Irosin. For you to reach the church, you need to climb the 100 step ladder. The moment you reach the top, you will be amazed of the beautiful panoramic scenery of Irosin town and the countryside as well. After sightseeing the view, you can pass by the old catholic church that is really vintage and sacred. Once you are inside, you can help but get a really sacred feeling. This catholic church is also filled with replicas of saints.