Local Treats in Samar - Philippines

The Sohotan Cave

Just fifteen minutes away from Borongan, you will see one of the famous sites in Eastern Samar which is the Sohotan Cave. Samar is studded with a lot of caves, but this gave is noticeable because of its highly different rock formations and brilliant landscape that is somewhat rugged in nature. Sohotan cave is ideal for rock climbing, trekking and even rock collecting or studying. In the past, this place used to be a hiding place of the natives living in Eastern Samar, however, as time went by, Sohotan Cave became well known not only in Samar but in the entire Philippines as well, soon the natives evacuated the place and it became one of the many tourist attractions found in Samr.

The Calbiga Whitewater River

If you ideal grand adventure involves water rafting and kayaking, then there's no other place in Samar where you can do all these thing that Calbiga Whitewater River. This is one among the top tourist attractions in the province of Samar. The river measures a little 18 kilometers or 10 miles, and it has over 60 rapids. The river consists of more then a hundred drops and measures 10 meters in depths. This is a very good place for a water adventure.

The Marabut Marine Park

The southern part of Samar is known for its amazing beautiful bay, and if you are visiting the place, there's nothing more that will bring you close to the beauty and wonders of its waters than Marabut Marine Park. Since this marine park is situated withing San Bernardino Strait, the features include a great selections of reefs, corals and various marine life forms in the province. After you have check out all the fish types and other aquatic life deep down the sea, you can relax while taking some snack in some of the restaurants nearby that offers the best seafood meals in the province.

The Calbiga Cave

Calbiga Cave is one of the most sought after tourist spot in Western Samar, and one of the best things that you can do while you are in the province is to explore the cave because of its sheer size. The cave occupies 3,000 hectares of land area and it consists of interconnecting caves, dozen of chambers and passageways, underground watercourse, and various rock formations. Moreover, the cave also is home to some unique and exotic animals not only in the Philippines but also in the entire world. It has some shell fishes, cave crickets and several bat species.

Hamorawon Spring

As you go to the center of Borongan, you will find an incredible stone edifice which was built way back in the time of Spaniards, this wall holds the amazing Hamorawon Spring. This is one of the many water bodies in Samar that you should visit. A weary traveler would find comfort from the cool waters that this spring have. In fact, legends would say that the water from this spring has a healing power to cure the sick.