Local Treats in Puerto Princesa - Philippines

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

If you are to visit Puerto Princesa, your journey to the province will never be complete without visiting the famous Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park. This underground river, which is a nominee for the new seven wonders of the world, gives you an amazing view of several rock formations that are different from any other rock formations in the world. The main highlight of this park is the underground river that measures 8.2 kilometers. What is more remarkable is that, the river passes a cave as it empties to the South China Sea. And before you enter the cave, you will first past a clear lagoon that is home to some ancient trees. You will also find several animal species in the park.

Puerto Princesa View Decks

Puerto Princesa is a place studded with several view decks in which you can visit if you want to take a view of some of the bays in the city If you want to take a view of the Ulugan Bay, you can drop by the Buenavista View Deck. For a view of the the Honda Bay, the best spot that you can go to is the Salvacion View Deck. You can also go to the Baker's Hill and Sta. Monica Ranch that offers the same view. And if you want to take a panoramic view of the City of Puerto Princesa, the place to go is the Cleopatras Needle, which is a mountain that measures 1,600 meters. The peak of the mountain offers a breathtaking view which is truly amazing and remarkable.

Sta. Monica Heights

If you are visiting Puerto Princesa, your sightseeing experience may carry you to a lot of nature parks situated within the city. Among these is the Sta. Monica Heights where in the City Hall of Puerto Princesa is located. A few meters away from the park is the baywalk, a perfect place to take some walk during sunset. And as you spend your time walking at the bay, you can take a full view of the seas and mountains surrounding the city.

The Provincial Capitol, City Coliseum and Freedom Park

The Provincial Capitol of Puerto Princesa offers a big square park where people can gather together ti unwind and enjoy free concerts and live performances. This is a good place for you to hang out with your friends after a days work. Another park within the city is the City Coliseum and the Freedom Park just across, both offers an impressive landscape which is best for relaxation.

Enchanted Garden

If your goal is to unwind with your kids, the best place that you can go in the Enchanted Garden. This park guarantees you that both you and your children will enjoy your special bonding time together. Enchanted Garden is a forest garden that offers some exciting rides in a relaxing garden atmosphere. A perfect place for you to relax and enjoy at the same time.