Local Treats in Puerto Galera - Philippines

Puerto Galera is a peaceful small town that drives the summer spirit of any people to visit the place. Literally, the translated meaning of the place is port for galleons. Local tourists and travelers worldwide are interested to travel the place anytime of the year. Puerto Galera will surely offer smart and fun treats for every visitor.

The place is a training haven during the Spanish era until the present. Several artifacts found in China, Vietnam and Thailand proves this claim. If you wanted to spend your trip without a hefty price tag, choose the incomparable beauty of Puerto Galera. Enjoy the entire travel and consider the top 5 local treats in Puerto Galera, Philippines.

Visit Affordable Haven Beaches

For individuals who wanted to relax and unwind with the laid back atmosphere of the island, visit the affordable haven beaches. Talipanan Beach is one of the favorite options of the local tourists and travelers. The beach is known to uphold the most relaxing area in the entire island. Feel the cool breeze and the azure waters highlighted by the fine sands and tropical huts.

Explore the Cascading Waterfalls

Natural attractions in Puerto Galera are abundant. The alluring beauty of cascading waterfalls is one of the most mesmerizing sights in the entire island. Nature sighseeing will eventually lead you to the beautiful spot of Tamaraw Falls, truly a league view on its own. Tamaraw Falls is also composed of small several waterfalls that meet in the bottom. Have fun with refreshing atmosphere of the place and treasure the revitalizing experience.

Big Game Fishing

There are plenty of fish types seen in the cool and pristine waters of Puerto Galera. Big Game Fishing helps a lot to boost the tourism of the place. The spot is the place to treat your kids for some bonding moments. Aside from being a sport activity, Big Game Fishing also became one of the topmost tourist activities. Amazing school of fish and colorful marine species will surely open the eyes of every individual who gets the chance to take a glimpse of the place.

Jungle Trekking

Jungle trekking reveals the hidden treasures of Puerto Galera that is why the activity continues to be desirable for everyone. One of the well-known trekking spots is the Bondong Jungle. Experience the thrill and adventure along the numerous streams, exotic pants and rivers. Treat yourself with several outdoor activities and the one of a kind experience to watch the tamaraws (wild buffalo) that wanders in the place.

Kayaking and Snorkeling

Complete your trip to Puerto Galera by trying out different aquatic activities along the great bodies of water. There are several diving sites that is worth visiting. Everyone is invited to take pleasure in seeing the splendid underwater view of the oceans.