Local Treats in Palawan - Philippines

Palawan is one of the most well-known provinces or islands in the entire Philippines. Admittedly, they have all the pride to show off the natural beauty and manmade developments of the place. The refreshing environment of Palawan is not only within the country but it already goes globally. Surprisingly, Palawan was renowned as one of the best natural sanctuaries in the entire world.

If you find it crucial to escape your busy life and simply do nothing, Palawan is the place where youll fell like a sun prince or princess. Treat yourselves with the scenic view of the entire island and consider the top 5 local treats in Palawan, Philippines.

Have a Complete Summer Escapade

Spending a summer trip without worrying the hefty price tag of the place, go to Palawan. Feel the summer breeze and cool waters while leaving behind lots of stressors. Relax and unwind in the beautiful beaches and resorts that could be found anywhere in Palawan. Escape your demanding lifestyle and busy work with the enchanting place of Palawan. If you wanted to treat and reward yourself, go to the local tourists spots in the Philippines wherein Palawan is on the top list.

Go Manatees-watching

Seeing the El Nido Marine Reserve in Palawan is very rewarding. The beauty of the place speaks why the location is one of the best sightseeing spots in the entire island. Have you ever seen manatees? I suppose you havent seen one of these aquatic mammals. But if you visit the El Nido Marine Reserve you will see many manatees that are rarely seen in the world. Aside from that, take a glimpse of virgin forests, vivid, coral gardens, limestone, mangroves and several underwater species.

Hassle- free trip to Honda Bay

Treating yourself in Palawan is not complete without the glimpse of Honda Bay. Many tourists flock to the place because of its fascinating and natural beauty. Enjoy the hassle- free trip and have fun visiting numerous islets and mesmerizing diving sites found within the area. Every island in the charming place of Honday Bay is visited by numerous crowds daily because of their unique offers. Not only that, continue the trip to the Starfish Island, Snake Island, Señorita Island and lastly the Lu-li Island.

Private Chill Out in Dos Palmas

A trip to Palawan will do you good- especially in Dos Palmas. If you wanted to shun the party fever and allot ample cuddle time while in a private resort, its time for you to visit Dos Palmas Resort. Enjoy the private place and the cabanas by the beach. During sunset, people could enjoy having a cocktail trip with some fresh foods.

Many people flock in Dos Palmas whether during ordinary or peak seasons. On the other hand, during summer the resort expects numerous reservations both from the local tourists and foreigners.

Island kayaking

Since Palawan is surrounded by large bodies of water, aquatic sports is one of the enjoyable activities in the island. Enjoy plain swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking and even simple sunbathing and tanning.