Local Treats in Manila - Philippines

Filipinos love eating and it is just logical that we also have a natural inclination for good food. The Philippines offer a variety of dishes in each region. Filipinos also have a love for sweet treats. We have our own versions of sweet treats like bread, pastries and other delicacies. Some of them can be bought in the street vendors or in the nearest bakery. Some of the famous sweets you can buy in Manila are called kakanin. Some of them can only be found in the Philippines.


This is a kakanin or a Filipino delicacy that is made from glutinous rice. Some makers put salted egg on top of it. You should eat it with sugar or butter. Some prefer pouring coconut that has been grated on top of it before eating it. A hot bibingka always smell good especially with the combination with the banana leaves it is wrapped in.

Sapin sapin

This is another delicacy you can buy in many markets in Manila. It is made from sticky rice that ends up gooey yet very tasty for many Filipinos. It has several colors. Today some makers take the shorter way to make sapin-sapin. In the old times making sapin-sapin will take you hours to finish. The common colors you can find is yellow and purple.


Cuchinta is another Filipino favorite. The key ingredient in making good Cuchinta is probably Lihiya. Cuchinta is also a dessert that most Filipinos serve to the guests during a fiesta or in a birthday celebration. The texture can be compared to slime because it is so much sticky.


4.Puto is another native Filipino treat. This is the version of the Philippines for rice cakes. You can buy them in popular restaurants and groceries. You can also buy them in local markets from a local seller. This sweet is considered a comfort food. They come in small or big sizes. Some puto makers can even make one platter to serve guests in a birthday party. It is usually moist and soft. Some putos today are sold in different flavors. The original flavor is just made of rice and topped with cheese and the typical color is white. Today you can buy putos in ube flavor.


This is another delicacy you can buy in Manila. It is also considered as sweet bread. Many bakeries in Manila offer them. The dough is kneaded a lot of times so that it will be soft and fluffy. One of the main ingredients is milk and butter. This bread is so sweet and even sweeter because it can be topped with butter and lots of cheese after.

Most of these treats can be bought in the grocery or market for less than five dollars only. It is worth a try after all almost everyone likes giving in to sweet cravings from time to time.