Local Treats in Makati - Philippines

Philippines financial capital is no other than Makati City. Aside from that, the city is also the center of economic and financial hubs in the entire country. With these claims, Makati City became one of the most popular and modern cities in the whole Philippines. The city also holds Philippine Stock Exchange as well as the prominent Makati Business Club.

Makati City is rich in entertainment facilities that provide super services. Several firs-class hotels, restaurants and malls are seen as you explore the back roads of the city. If you wanted to have business opportunities while you travel, visit and enjoy every day you spend in Makati City. Leave behind all worries and have fun with the top 5 local treats in Makati, Philippines.

Explore Beautiful Beaches

Aside from the fact that Makati City is filled with business opportunities, the place is also a high-class destination area in terms of fine beaches. Check out the cool waters and pristine sands of Puerto Azul, Anilao Beach, Marbella Marina, Punta Baluarte and Maya-Maya Beach. Experience the tropical setting plus the topnotch facilities and up-to-date amenities of the place. Just enjoy the entire trip without worrying an expensive ticket.

Trip to The Fort

Makati sightseeing will always lead you to visit The Fort and Fort Bonifacio. The latter attraction was once a complete military facility. Recently, Fort Bonifacio is divided into several sections which paved way to the construction of The Fort which is one of the primary destination places in the entire Makati City. Everyone will be delighted with the scenic view and refreshing kiosk located around the place.

Pay Tribute to the Heroes

Libingan ng mga Bayani is seen within Fort Bonifacio that serves as the memorial place for Filipino heroes. The outstanding memorial place is truly a fist-class burial ground that is very exclusive to veterans and Philippine Army officers who righteously died in service. Those who died during the World War II as well as the modern day heroes are buried here. This high-class internment ground commemorates the incomparable courageous act of these heroes for their nationalism.

Museum Expo

If you still doubt how Makati City achieved all the awards, visit the Ayala and Makati Museum and you will understand almost everything. These museums are the best places to spend an educational and pleasurable stopover in Makati City. Sightseeing of the entire city is incomplete without understanding the history and culture of the place.

Feast in the Business Class Destination

Although Makati City is highly advance still it continuously preserve the tradition of celebrating the annual festival. Local visitors and foreigners love the experience in dancing with the different tribal groups and street parties that lifts up the mood of everyone. The people of Makati continue to pay tribute to their saints for giving them a bountiful year.