Local Treats in Laoag - Philippines

Filipinos love to eat. Any social event is not complete with tables laden with delicious and succulent food. Actually, Filipinos would find countless reasons to eat, may it be a simple get together with friends or an elaborate birthday party. Each region or province in the Philippines boasts of their local treats. When visiting the archipelago, do not forget to get a taste of local flavor. We have listed below the Top 5 Local Treats in Laoag-Philippines.

Bet on Pakbet

Pakbet to the Ilocanos or Pinakbet to the Tagalogs, this local delicacy is never missed in any dining table in Laoag making it in the Top 5 Local Treats in Laoag-Philippines. It is a dish laden with vegetables sautéed in garlic, onion and tomatoes and then boiled in bagoong or shrimp paste. The vegetables included in this dish are ampalaya or bitter melon, squash, eggplant and okra. To further add taste, bits of fried pork are added to the main vegetable ingredients. Pinakebet in the local Ilocano language means to shrink, hence the vegetables are cooked until they somewhat lessen in size or shrink. During the boiling process, the water also lessens, making the dish dry rather than soupy. For people who are into healthy diets, this dish is for you.

Bag a Bagnet

Have you tasted those crispy lechon kawali? That big piece of pork deep fried in hot oil until it reaches crispiness? Well, the Ilocanos boast that their bagnet could outcrisp the lechon kawali, which makes the bagnet another item in our list of the Top 5 Local Treats in Laoag-Philippines. So, what gives the bagnet that extra crispiness and taste? After the pork is boiled and fried, it is left under the sun to dry and then fried again. After frying for the second time, it is again sundried, then fried. The process of sun drying and frying could be repeated until the desired crispiness is achieved. After tasting the local bagnet, you may want to bag one home for your families and friends.

Long for a Longganisa

Longganisa is the local version of sausages. Each province in the Philippines has their own provincial region of the longganisa, but the Ilocanos boasts that theirs is one of the best. One in our Top 5 Local Treats in Laoag-Philippines is just the right mix of salty, spicy, garlicy taste and with just a little hint of tanginess.

Dig in the Dinengdeng

Dinengdeng, is a close relative of the pakbet. It is made with the same vegetable ingredients, but this version is left to cook in soup. The dish is made with okra, squash, eggplant and ampalaya (bitter melon) sautéed in onions, garlic and tomato. Bits of pork are also added to the vegetables to make it more palatable. The vegetable mix is then boiled with bagoong (shrimp paste). Unlike the pakbet which is dry, the dinengdeng is served with the soup.

The Exotic Kilawing Kambing

Another placer in the Top 5 Local Treats in Laoag-Philippines is an exotic dish that would probably take some courage for any novice to taste. A kilawin is any dish soaked in vinegar and the Ilocanos love to make kilawin, the most popular being the kilawing kambing (goat meat). The goat meat is soaked in a mixture of calamansi (a native citrus fruit), salt, vinegar, siling labuyo (native red chili pepper), chopped ginger and onions. It is usually served with beer or any alcoholic beverage. For the Ilocanos, any drinking session is not complete without their favorite kilawin dish.