Local Treats in Iloilo - Philippines

Iloilo is located in the western part of the Visayan region. The entire place is famous for its name as the City of Love. Iloilo City is the place to stay whether for vacation or holiday trip. Aside from the local tourists, foreigners were also attracted with the impressive beauty and development of the place.

The people of Iloilo City are known to be Ilonggos. They are pictured out as loving and welcoming people and regarded as one of the precious treasures of the city.

If you wanted to travel the Philippines from North to South, dont forget to visit Iloilo and consider the top 5 local treats in Iloilo, Philippines.

Festival Party

Every January the city of Iloilo celebrate the official festival held in the city every year. The festival is known as the Dinagyang Festival wherein different tribes compete for the title. Each tribe showcases the diverse culture and tradition of the Iloilo natives in the form of a dance. Many tourists were amazed with the rich culture of the place continuously preserved by the people either in their daily lives or even in their festivities.

Sicogon Island Trip

Natural attractions in Iloilo City are truly captivating sanctuaries for wandering souls. Sicogon Island is one of the best islands in Iloilo where palm-fringed and pristine white sands that covers the entire island. Aside from this treat, you will surely enjoy visiting the Guimaras Island, Tinagong Dagat, Isla de Gigantes,Mount Napulac, and San Juan Falls. These different spots are perfect for the whole family and getaway trips. Tourists could enjoy outdoor and aquatic activities in the different unique islands.

Lapaz Batchoy Delight

If theres one delicacy that is authentic from Iloilo, it would be the Lapaz Batchoy. The dish is a noodle soup blended with chopped meat, bread crumbs and seasoned with unique flavor soup. Other places in the country wanted to copy the dish but only the Ilonggo native could offer the best batchoy in town. If you visit Iloilo, tourists and local visitors could easily spot the Lapaz Batchoy Restaurant since many branches were opened to suffice the need of the public.

Church Visit

Iloilo City is also rich with historical and ancient relics from the past and old churches are strong evidences for it. The Miag-ao and Molo Church are some of the churches that were built during Japanese times. Up to the recent date, architectural designs and religious images are well-kept despite several years of damage. Aside from the antique outlook of the place, the image of the entire church strongly holds the faith of the people.

Paraw Regatta

Paraw Regatta is the pride of Villa people. They held the competition every year wherein colorful sailboats are seen displaying the different cultures and smiling faces of the Ilonggos. Many spectators were impressed on how the people prepare for the big annual celebration.