Local Treats in General Santos - Philippines

The T'boli Settlement

Way before the Spaniards arrived in General Santos City, the area had been settled already by a lot of tribes in Mindanao. Today, as you go to the west part of Lake Sebu, you can catch a glimpse of the history of General Santos and Mindanao through the T'boli tribe. T'boli is one of the many indigenous tribes in the area. They are native people wearing colorful native attires that performs their daily rituals and activities. In this village you will see women weaving native fabrics such as tinalaks and crafting baskets. Beads and other local crafts.

Lake Sebu

There is quite a good reason as to why the T'boli tribe of General Santos City settled for the spot that they already have, it is because of the Lake Sebu itself. As you look over to the lake, you will be amazed by the purity and clearness of the water that embodies it. Aside from that, you will also be impressed by the serenity of the area and a pool that seem to hold everything in place. Being in the Lake Sebu gives you a feeling of something mystical and the T'boli tribe believes that it is truly miraculous and that the water never dries up.

The Kalaja Karst Area

Among the many tourist spots in the City of General Santos, Kalaja Karst Area is one that you shouldn't miss out. Located 15 kms northeast of the Barangay Conel, this Kalaja Karst Area is a natural reserve that showcases something that would delight all the nature lovers out there. It is among the frequently visited place in Gen. San. And is famous for the Kalaja Cave. Accompanied by the tourguide, you will experience an underground encounter with few comparisons. The highlight of the cave is the water body which is about 3 meters deep and 20 meters wide. This reserve also has beautiful waterfalls and a generous space for campers to enjoy.

Lake Maughan

T'boli is composed of five large rivers, all of which comes from the Lake Maughan. This lake that surrounds the land of the T'boli tribe in General Santos City has been declared as the sanctuary of natural preserve in the city. The area measures 50,000 hectares and it is home to some exotic animals and plants that can be seen only here in the Philippines. In fact, some of the plants here can only be seen in General Santos alone.

The Kalsangi Golf Course

Just adjacent to the Mount Matumtum is the Kalsangi Golf Course. It is a place where golf lovers can truly experience nature and the game the love all at the same time. In fact, it is not just a place for golf lovers, this golf course is also one of the sites for DOLE Philippines. Kalsangi Golf Course offer some amenities that you can enjoy including a swimming pool and a restaurant. A place where you can bring your entire family with you. Kalsangi also offers you the opportunity to explore Mount Matumtum.