Local Treats in Dumaguete - Philippines

Dumaguete is a small charismatic city that can easily captivate you with its local surprises. We will take you into the most popular local activities and cuisines that are so loved by the citizen of Dumaguete, Philippines. Take a look at the list of the top 5 local treats in Dumaguete Philippines and get to know which treats are really worth the time.

The World Motorcycle City

Just a few people in the Philippines are aware that they are home to the worlds motorcycle city right in the Visayas. Dumaguete has the largest motorcycle population in the world, and that is why it landed on the list of top 5 local treats in Dumaguete Philippines. There are times when all you see on the roads are motorcycles and you can have your own fun with a motorcycle by renting this ride in one of many rental places. All you need to show is your drivers license and you are good to go, or shall we say good to ride. Dumaguete even has parking spaces designated and created for motorcycle only.

The Dumaguete Express

There are many dishes in the Philippines that are named according to city and this dish was named after Dumaguete City. The Dumaguete Express dish made it to the top 5 local treats in Dumaguete Philippines because it is only available in Dumaguete City. The dish is eaten with rice and it is made of meat and vegetables cooked in a mix of coconut milk and crème sauce. Then spices are added to make this dish extra spicy, so if your spice tolerance is low, you should not test your strength with this dish.

Japanese Export

It sounds strange how something Japanese can be a local treat only found in Dumaguete, but it is the fact that you can find the best sushi in the entire province exactly in this little city. The Casablanca restaurant and sushi bar made it on the top 5 local treats in Dumaguete Philippines, because it serves the biggest and most delicious sushi pieces in the Province and probably also in the Philippines. Where else can you hear that you can get really full with only five pieces of salmon sushi? The Casablanca Sushi Bar has its own Japanese Sushi Chef who is not only generous in sizing, but also generous in pricing.

Unique Modern Cuisine

Gabys Bistro is the best place to satisfy your cravings, because this place is not only unique, but also has a menu that caters to all ages. The food is fresh, tender and simply delicious and Gabys Bistro deserves its place in the top 5 local treats in Dumaguete Philippines because it is like a little treasure place that you can only seldom find in the entire country.

Fried Goods and Spicy Sauces

One on the list of top 5 local treats in Dumaguete Philippines goes to a food vendor that is lovingly called Manong Bossing by all the people in Dumaguete. Manong Bossing serves the best tempura, squid balls and squid rolls in the entire region and even though his set up is very basic and low budget, he still attracts hundreds of people every day. You can have your fried tempura with one out of five different sauces which Manong Bossing makes himself with his secret ingredients. These sauces range from level one to level five, with five being the spiciest. Manong Bossing has definitely the best local treats and for only a couple of cents you can get an entire array of fried goods.