Local Treats in Butuan - Philippines

Carmen Dive Site

Butuan City is studded with dive sites that you can enjoy. However, divers who have tried diving to almost all of the dive sites in the city would probably tell you, Carmen is the best dive site among the rest. The waters that embodies the Carmen dive site is very clear, so clear that even with a depth measure of 180 feet, you can still clearly visualize the coral reefs and all the living creatures residing inside. The walls of the dive site is filled with different kinds of fish and the sea floor is covered with smooth white sand.

Vinapor Dive Site

Among the many dive sites in the City of Butuan, Vinapor Dive Site, which is located in Baranggay Vinapor is considered by a lot of divers the best place to practice ones diving skills, most especially to those who are new to general diving. This dive site has a stable current, thus making it easier for you to navigate your way as you explore the site. For you to be able to see the hidden wonders within the site, you need not to go further down. Within this dive site, you can see some manta rays, frogfishes, various sea shells and nudibranch.

Poblacion Diving Range

Poblacion Diving Range is among the most popular dive sites in the City of Butuan. Within this lies several kinds of fauna that resides within the waters. As soon as you get to the poblacion, you will experience slopping walls that are covered by different kinds of coral reefs. You will also see schools of colorful fishes roaming around the reef and along with them are many different aquatic life forms that inhabits the coral reef. The current in the dive site varies depending on the whether, on strong currents, it is advisable that you let yourself accompanied by an expert diver just to ensure your safety.

Jabonga Dive Site

Jabonga is most likely to consists of many different diving options, and it is a guarantee that each one is pretty exciting. Whichever you choose from the options offered by the Lawigan and Baranggay San Vicente, you will probably be indulging into a great diving treat. Jabonga offers a view of fantastic and brilliant rock formations seated deep down its waters. These formations include underwater caves, crevices and a lot more that you will never have a dull moment as you explore the dive site.

Tagcatong Dive Site

Located in Baranggay Tagcatong in the City of Butaun, Tagcatong Dive site is one among the favorite dive sites of both beginners and professional divers out there. This dive site is definitely navigable because of its stable current, however, beginners must be accompanied by a professional diver. This dive site showcases an extensive number of soft and hard corals including the gorgonians. You will also find a lot of grouper, surgeons and sweetlips roaming around the sloping walls accompanying you as you explore the dive site.