Local Treats in Bohol - Philippines

One of the most versatile islands in the Philippines is Bohol. In this island you will find things that you have never seen or tasted before which gives this place a certain kind of flair. Discover all the local delicacies, wonders and surprises with the little help of our guide to the top 5 local treats in Bohol Philippines.

Nuts and Kisses

Bohol is famous for peanut plantations and also for all the products that come with it. As every island in the Philippines has its own special local treat the one you can find here is quite special. Peanut Kisses are amongst the top 5 local treats in Bohol Philippines because they are only available in this island. The Peanut Kisses are made out of peanuts and formed into a pastry that is shaped like a Hersheys Kiss.

Honey, Honey, Honey

Another spot in the top 5 local treats in Bohol Philippines goes to the Bohol Bee Farm where the sweetest honey in the Philippine Islands is produced. The honey that is made here has special properties used in healing and other medicine. You have to understand that bee farms in the Philippine Islands are very rare and local honey is not even used by the locals but exported, but the Bohol Bee Farm is one of the only farms to produce honey for the local people as well.

Sweets and More Sweets

Two of the biggest Bohol specialties that deserve a shared place on the top 5 local treats in Bohol Philippines are Brojas and Calamay. Brojas are biscuits that are baked so super light that they melt in your mouth right away once you take a bite. These Brojas are only finger long and two fingers wide and can be bought anywhere within the island. Calamay on the other hand is a candy made of coconut milk and jam. This candy can be found wrapped in small balls and you can find these candies all over the island as well.

Adorable Primates

Another spot in the top 5 local treats in Bohol Philippines is once again shared by two equally adorable animals; the Philippine Tarsier and the Flying Lemur. Both animals have found a home in the Island of Bohol and are held in protected sanctuaries and for captive breeding. Since both species are already endangered it is very important for the government to protect them locally. You can visit them in the sanctuaries of the Philippine Tarsier Foundation and the best time to do so is during the night which is their active time of the day.

Treat Number 1 Chocolate at Last

Located in the town of Carmen, the Chocolate Hills stretch out into various towns with over 1,000 hills present. There are countless legends as to how the hills that look like chocolate where formed. One of them involves a giant that was mourning the loss of his lover and the tears turned into the hills. You will be able to hear many more legends once you visit them and you will also discover the truth as to why they turn chocolate brown.