Local Treats in Bacolod - Philippines

The Revolutionary Markers

Negros Occidentala nd Bacolod City both have witnessed a full throttle historical battle that was waged by Katipuneros. The Revolutionary Markers serves as the living memoir to keep the history fresh and alive. Found in Magalona and Bago, this famous landmark can be seen 13 miles away from Bacolod. Revolutionary Markers are symbols that commemorate the battle that our fellow Filipinos has against the Americans way back in 1990's. This is a very good spot to visit when you are in Bacolod. A historical landmark that reminds us how brave our katipunero brothers are.

The Patag Valley Trekking

Patag Valley Trekking is found 27 miles Negros. It is known to be the ultimate delight of trekker's all over the Philippines. The valley is sandwiched between Mount Silay and Mount Marapara and measures 400 meters above the sea level or approximately 640 feet. Hiking trough this valley, you will experience the touch of a cool breeze and the calming sounds of the chirping birds that makes your trekking experience a journey you will never forget. There is also a good chance that you may bumo into a deer, which is a native specie in the Philippines.

The Capitol Building

As of today, the Capitol Building serves as the main seat in Negros Occidental province. This edifice is located in the city of Bacolod and has serve various purposes. As you visit the site where this building is seated, you will notice the design of the building which is practically different from any other historical building. The Capitol Building is built under the influence of a Neo Classsical architecture making is vintage and classy at the same time. During the time of war, this building was occupied by Japanese Armies as their home base where they plan their operations.

Mambukal Resort

Mambukal Resort is one of the most favorite destinations in Bacolod City. This is the hub for nature lovers. The passage of the time and the dominion of rich nature heritage has made the place more attractive than ever. Just 18 miles away from the east of Bacolod, Mambukal Resort is a good place for trekking and hiking since the path will carry you direct to the Mount Kanlaon and alongside you will see valleys and hills, streams and rivers. This resort is also surrounded by waterfalls and springs. There is no doubt that this place is one the most famous attraction in Bacolod and one of the most frequently visited place in Negros.

The Church of Talisay

Negros Occidental is home to some historical churches in the Philippines, one of which is the Talisay Church. This church is located 4 miles away from Bacolod and is a very popular devotional spot. Talisay Church was built some time in the 1800s during the occupation of the Americans. Aside from the relics found all over the church, here lies the remains of Father Fernando Cuenca and General Aniceto Lacson, both are famous people way back in history.